4 Tips for Making Friends FAST.

Aug 24, 2018

New to the Neighborhood? Start Here.

It’s hard to leave the city and, with it, your inner circle of friends and neighbors. From the mamas in your playgroup to your building BFFs to the outer borough friends you’ve had since college, your family has set down some serious roots in the city. Now, you’re trying to plant new ones in the ‘burbs, which includes making mom friends. And—we get it—that can be tough.


As we talk to more and more urban-turned-suburban families, though, we hear all sorts of fun, creative ways for making mom friends in the suburbs. Our advice? If you’re new to the ‘burbs or, even, about to make a move, test drive these easy approaches to meet your new neighbors—AKA your future suburban BFFs.


#1. Raise your hand…

Every school, youth sports organization, charity or social group needs volunteers—so raise your hand! Even if you can only give a few hours each month, your contributions will be welcome and appreciated. And, because you’ll be volunteering among like-minded locals—fellow moms and dads, soccer parents, passionate do-gooders—you’ll have lots to chat about from day one. That’s a big pro, especially if making mom friends tops your to-do list.


#2. Join a fitness studio

Loved getting your sweat on in the city? Why not translate that passion for fitness into a new suburban workout routine. Plenty of city-inspired fitness studios now call the suburbs “home,” so the transition should be no issue. And, by investing in a studio with smaller classes, you’ll be more likely to engage with your fellow workout-goers.


Once you’re “in,” See where people head post-class or ask a fellow yogi where she snags her green juice, then see if she’s up for grabbing a glass. Soon enough, you’ll have a network of fitness enthusiasts, perfect for hanging out and—bonus!—for keeping you on track towards your health goals.



#3. Start something SOCIAL

Facebook is a great way to (virtually) mix and mingle in the suburbs. Chances are, your future/current town have at least one locals message board and, likely, one board dedicated to moms or parents. Do yourself a favor and join. Even if you “aren’t a Facebook person,” make an exception. Not only will you get a sense of where your fellow parents go, what they do and where they hang, but there’s a good chance you’ll spot some activities or invites geared towards new residents.


One Local did just that and shared recent posts on her town’s mom board. In her town, it’s not uncommon for mamas to, simply, announced they’d be heading to an area wine bar/coffee shop/cafe in a few hours and inviteeveryone to come along—friends, neighbors, newcomers, anyone. Making friends couldn’t be easier.


#4. Lean on the kids

Kids are the BEST way to meet parent friends. Whether it’s at school pickups, on the soccer field sidelines or at birthday parties on the weekends, be sure you GO. It’s easy to try and dodge these commitments, especially if you have younger kids or spend your weekdays commuting/working. But, in the beginning, do yourself a favor and participate. You’ll start seeing the same faces over and over and, soon enough, they’ll become part of your inner circle, not just your kids’. It’s a win/win for everyone.


Ready to start exploring suburbia? Get in touch with a Suburban Jungle Strategist to learn more, including the friend-making hotspots in your new town.


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