New York City

Find the best suburbs near NYC

Looking to move to Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Rockland or the Hudson Valley? Our town-first approach helps you find the best place to live in the NYC suburbs.

These five boroughs truly have it all — and that’s why so many people call New York City “home” at least once in their lives. But when it’s time to go, you know — and that’s why so many people tap Suburban Jungle to help them find their new hometown.

As you’re searching the NYC suburbs, expect a little of everything. From tiny towns to laid-back beach communities to bustling urban-meets-suburban cities, with 500+ suburbs within commutable distance, there’s truly something for everyone in this area. Give yourself time to dig into everything — and ensure you’re finding a town that checks all of your boxes. We can help. Schedule your free suburban strategy session now.

Together, we’ll navigate the suburban jungle.

When you’re ready to make a move there’s so much to consider. Our award-winning town-first approach ensures you find the perfect hometown for your wants, needs, and lifestyle.

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