Moms We ❤ Love – Erika London

May 28, 2024

This business owner and mom of three left New York City and embraced work-life balance in Boca.

As we conclude our Moms We ❤ Love series, we are highlighting Erika London’s story. This Boca-based mom of three was ready to leave the city but wanted to maintain her fast-paced lifestyle.

Erika London is a mom of three and the CEO of SimpleVenue, a hospitality company that owns and operates dozens of Sushi by Bou omakase restaurants nationwide. Despite being a lifelong New Yorker, Erika knew it was time to leave the city when the pandemic hit.

“One of my good friends suggested reaching out to Suburban Jungle. She said they will help you decide the best place for you and your family to make a move,” says Erika.

After working with Suburban Jungle, Erika and her family decided to move to Boca. Everything about the vibrant community clicked for Erika and her husband Matt and in 2022 they officially made the move and decided to call Boca Raton “home”.

“Boca is like the sixth borough. You always feel like you’re in a home away from home and connected to so many people around us,” she shares. 

Before making the move, some of her New York friends wondered if Boca would feel too slow-paced for Erika. However, Erika is thriving both professionally and personally. Sushi by Bou, which is part of the SimpleVenue portfolio, has expanded to 23 locations including outposts in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and within the PGA National Resort with more South Florida locations in the pipeline. 

“I am busier today than I’ve ever been before. Besides juggling life with 3 kids, Boca and the surrounding South Florida are booming,” she says. “There is always something going on and constantly new opportunities presenting themselves.”

Living and working in centrally located Boca Raton means that Erika can maintain her fast-paced hustling lifestyle while enjoying the perks that come with settling in a beachside suburb for her family. 

“We’re constantly finding ourselves in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm and Jupiter because they are all so accessible. It’s incredible being able to have our kids grow up in a suburban bubble while feeling like we have access to everything we need both professionally and personally.”

Almost two years later, they are still loving their South Florida lifestyle…and so are Erika’s two sisters and mom who also made the move down. 

“We always wanted a very vibrant life in terms of activities and professional opportunities and a place to grow our family where we could have the best of both worlds,” she says. “We never thought we actually wanted the traditional suburban lifestyle, but Boca being the booming area that it is was the perfect fit for us.”

When did you decide to move to Boca?

Erika and her family moved to Boca in August 2022.

“I feel like we’ve been here forever because it just feels so comfortable. We have definitely assimilated very quickly,” she shares. 

Why did you decide to move to Boca?

“Boca is thriving and full of so many young families just like ours that have also moved here recently. We love our school, our neighborhood and all of the different communities we are lucky to now be a part of.”

How does living in Boca inspire you and your work?

“Since there are so many transplants here, everyone is looking to make new friends and new connections. People are just here to have fun with each other and see how they can connect in different ways both personally and professionally.”

What advice would you give to other moms considering a similar move?

Moving is never easy – especially with kids in tow. Erika managed her move by embracing the fact that there’s no such thing as perfection.

“The timing is never going to be right. Moving is hard and will turn your life upside down at least temporarily. It’s going to take a minute to recalibrate,  re-situate and get your family into a new groove that feels comfortable ,” she says.

Her advice? “Give yourself grace every day. Moving and settling into your new community doesn’t happen overnight but it is worth it – especially when you find a town or city that accommodates the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for your family.”

“I would do anything for my kids, they are my entire world. Mom life is complete unorganized chaos but doing it in a place surrounded by palm trees makes it feel a little less stressful.”

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