Out & About in the ‘burbs This Weekend: August 8-10, 2014

Aug 7, 2014

Here’s what’s happening in area real estate this week:

Buying in Brooklynis more expensive than ever—and so isrenting in Manhattan.
In Westchester, property revaluation has become a hot button topic in communities likeScarsdale,Bronxvilleand Ossining.
When it comes to home ownership,millennials aren’t stepping up.

While you’re exploring new towns this weekend, take in a little nature (because the tree outside your apartment building just isn’t cutting it anymore…). Check out these great nature conservancies!

TheArthur W. Butler Memorial Sanctuaryin Bedford is just that: a peaceful sanctuary home to flowing streams, beautiful flora and fauna and plenty of local wildlife.
In Connecticut, Weston’sDevil’s Denis a go-to with lush protected forests, diverse species of plants and animals and stunning wetlands.
Once home to 20th century railroad heir Howard Gould,Sands Point Preservein Port Washington is now come to a variety of habitats including a beach, cliffs, lawns, gardens and a freshwater pond.
Short Hills’Hartshorn Arboretum & Sanctuarysprawls across more than 16 acres of woodlands including 3 miles of trails and a diverse plant and animal population.

Enjoy exploring!

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