Meet Suburban Jungle San Francisco Strategist Pamela Goldman!

Sep 9, 2020

This West Coast Strategist didn’t just make the leap to suburbia—she made the leap from NYC to the Bay Area ‘burbs.


In summer 2013, Pamela Goldman and her family—her husband Dan and two young sons—were the typical Manhattan family about to make a move to the suburbs. The only difference? They were heading from New York City to San Francisco.


“We did our own Suburban Jungle-style search—because there was no Suburban Jungle here back then,” she says. “Our actual search was very fast. We flew out for a weekend to look at towns. We even considered moving to San Francisco instead of the suburbs—coming from Manhattan, that felt like a suburb!”


Tiburon, though, immediately caught the family’s eye. Being close to the water with a very active, family-friendly vibe appealed to Pamela and her husband, as did the A+ schools for their two young boys. The town, she adds, is also very close to San Francisco, so the family could explore the city anytime.


“We’re very active and there’s tons to do…biking, hiking, running trails,” she says. “I wasn’t a runner when I moved here, but now I do half marathons. My New York friends couldn’t believe it—but when you’re here, you get it!” Tiburon, Pamela says, also reminded her of her hometown, Sarasota, Florida—and, beyond that, it just felt “special.”


“We knew if we were making a big move like this we wanted to be somewhere that felt really special. That was Tiburon!”


Helping Families Find Their Special Place

Now seven years into life in the San Francisco suburbs, Pamela is laser-focused on helping families from the Bay Area and beyond find their perfect spot to call “home.”

“I love calls with clients! During those initial strategy calls, I really look to understand what a client needs and wants,” Pamela explains. “It’s about prioritizing and finding communities and neighborhoods that really meet a family’s expectations in terms of lifestyle and long-term needs. I want our families to find their forever towns.”


Those priorities, she explains, often center on intangibles. In an area like the San Francisco suburbs, commutes, school rankings and housing prices tend to fall in line with one another. The key, then, is thinking about those other considerations.


“Think about your family—what are you like? What’s your lifestyle like? What do you want to be doing on weekends?” Pamela says. “If everyone in the town is obsessed with sports but your kids hate sports, is that going to be a problem, especially as they get older? Or what if you’re a working and commuting mom and most of the other moms stay home and are always volunteering at school? Would that bother you—or not so much?”


She also focused a lot on the weather.


“In the summer, the high in San Francisco can be in the 60s, and in some of the suburbs it can be over 100—then there’s everything in between,” Pamela says. “I always ask people if they like cooler or warmer weather. It’s so important, and often people don’t think about it.”


These questions, she notes, are questions people don’t often ask until they’re settled in a town—and, often, they don’t want to make another move. “I really work to bring those questions and considerations to the surface,” Pamela says, “so we can, together, really strategize and find the exact right town for that family.”


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