These Pittsburgh ReSizers Landed Closer to Family

Dec 23, 2019

Merril Nash and her husband wanted to be equidistant to their parents and their kids—and they landed in Somers.


“Pittsburgh was a great place to raise our kids,” says Merril Nash. “But then it was time to come back.”


Both originally born and raised in New York City, Merril and her husband ultimately moved to New Canaan, Connecticut after getting married, then to Newtown, where they stayed for a decade. “When our oldest was seven, we moved to Pittsburgh,” she explains. “But all of our family was always in the Tri-State area.”


With the couple’s two children in Manhattan, Merril and her husband decided to tap into Suburban Jungle’s ReSizers division. Working with Strategist Erika Ades, they dove into the suburban exploration process, looking for a community that was near all of their family members, and offered easy access to the city.


“We wanted to be close to our kids in Manhattan,” Merril says. “We also, though, needed to be near my mom who’s in Southbury, Connecticut and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are on Long Island.”


Every time the couple made the trek from Pittsburgh to the greater New York City area, they’d dig into another area, checking out towns that fit their proximity and lifestyle demands.


“We’d come back to New York, New Jersey or Connecticut for a family event and we’d take that time to see what was out there and if there were towns we could imagine ourselves living in,” Merril explains. “We wanted to figure out which area and, ultimately, which town made sense—and was close enough to everyone.


Finding a Spot in the Middle

After working with Erika to strategize communities that checked all of their boxes, Merril and her husband found themselves leaning towards Bethel. However, before making the move, they explored a few other towns including Somers, New York.


“Upper Westchester seemed like a great fit for them,” Erika explains. “And the community they’re in—Heritage Village—has a lot of great amenities and activities. It used to be a 55-plus community, but now you’ll find lots of families here, too. There’s tons to do and a lot of activities if you want to take advantage of them.”


After locking in on the lifestyle in Somers and in the Heritage Village community, Merril and her husband packed up and left Pittsburgh, landing in their new community in late September 2019. Since then, Somers has already proven to be a great fit. They’re just 10 minutes to the Goldens Bridge MetroNorth station, Merril reports, which offers free weekend parking and a quick sub-90 minute ride into Grand Central Station. And if she doesn’t want to drive and park, Merril, can call a free mini-bus service that takes residents from Heritage Village to the train station and back again.


“Once you’re on the train it’s about 80 minutes,” Merril says. “We are close enough so going into the city really isn’t a big deal.” And, given their family and friends in the city, the couple heads in frequently, making this short trip even more of a positive. That, though, is just the beginning.


“It’s a great location,” Merril says. “We’re getting to know the area and still really settling in. But we’ve met our immediate neighbors and started exploring a bit. We love being close to DeCiccos—they have a great selection and it’s much closer than the grocery stores in Yorktown Heights. Right in our downtown there’s a CVS, a bakery and some restaurants, which are all great. And now we don’t have to drive nine hours for family functions!”


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