Preparing Kids for the Big Move​

May 5, 2023

Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, moving to the suburbs can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you prepare your kids when it’s time to move.

No matter how old your kids are when you make your move to the ‘burbs, the experience can be wrought with emotions. From making new friends to changing schools to, even, getting into a fresh routine, leaving the city is a lot more than upgrading from the apartment to the house, the subway to the school bus—it’s a host of adventures, adjustments and experiences for you and your brood. Here’s how to lay the groundwork for a successful suburban move:

Get kids involved in the process early

Even if your kids are young they can still feel included in the moving process, from day one. Bring them to see your new home early on, and let them start scouting out their rooms. Make a few quick runs to the store so they can select a few new items for their new digs, be it some fun furniture, posters or bedding. Spend weekends playing at the local parks, hitting some drop in classes or grabbing a bite at popular eateries, so they can get the lay of the land. By giving them a hand in the process, kids will feel an even greater ownership and, when moving day comes, feel connected to the house and the community. And that can go a long way!

Don’t add unnecessary stress—AKA change

Sure, she hasn’t played with those dolls inyears, but seeing them boxed up and carted off to Goodwill can add even more trauma to the experience. Tackle the big change—the move itself—and try to mitigate the little adjustments as best as possible. That could mean packing while the kids are at school or sleeping at grandma and grandpa’s, or sending little ones to friends’ houses on the big day and packing up their belongings then. Sometimes less is more—and, in this case, seeing less in the way of change can be that much more when it comes to moving.

Get back into the swing of things ASAP

No matter what time of year you move to the ‘burbs, it’s important to establish a new routine as quickly as possible. If it’s during the school year—and your kids are of school age—it can, actually, beeasier, contrary to what many parents think. The move happens and, come Monday morning, your kids are at their new school hitting the books and making new friends fast. If your move happens during the summer, try signing your little ones up for classes, teams or clubs—they’ll start making connections with other kids in the community, ensuring the first day of school is that much easier. And, chances are, you’ll even rack up a few parent friends, too—bonus!

Moves can be challenging for kids of all ages but, by including them in the process and being mindful of their feelings and emotions, parents can help alleviate some of the stress and make the transition that much easier. Leaving the city for the ‘burbs is an exciting adventure for every family and, by helping your kids understand and embrace the exhilaration, you’ll be setting them up for post-city success! Happy moving!

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