Reasons Why Families Will Love Sacramento

Jan 31, 2019

Yes, we get it, you live in San Francisco. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, there’s so much to do, from museums to hiking to hitting the beach, the restaurants are great, and the people are diverse and open-minded.


However, now you’ve had a kid (or two), and you’re realizing that you can’t survive in your small apartment anymore. What do you do? You could move to one of the fabulous suburbs of San Francisco, or you could consider a farther move, one that might have seemed crazy a few years ago, but that will offer an incredible lifestyle that you might not even be able to afford in the San Francisco suburbs. Answer: a move to Sacramento.


Sacramento is great for families for so many reasons, read on to find out why you should consider a move.

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Amazing Weekend Trips:

From Tahoe (in both winter and summer) to San Francisco and wine country, you’ll never run out of great weekend trips.


Kings Games:

Have you ever wanted to take your kids to a Warriors game, but can’t stomach the price? Kings games are fun, the stadium is new and tickets are much cheaper than Warrior’s tickets.


Photo: Maia Shcherbak via Instagram


Quiet Neighborhoods:

Walkable, tree-lined historic neighborhoods where you actually know (and like) your neighbors – like East Sac and Land Park.

Photo: Beast and Bounty

Photo: Canon



Great Restaurants in downtown and midtown like Beast and Bounty, Echo and Rig, andCanonto name a few.

Photo: California State Railroad Museum



In addition to an abundance of kids sports and activities, your young ones will love the Sacramento Children’s Museum, California State Railroad Museum and Fairytale Town.

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Family-friendly, affordable suburbs with: high ranking schools, homes you can actually live in, and great access to nature.


Some of our favorite suburbs are: Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Granite Bay, Rocklin and Roseville.


Sacramento and each of the surrounding suburbs offers so much for families. While the right town exists for pretty much every family, the key is understanding the differences.


There are hundreds of towns to choose from. How do you figure it all out? You simply don’t, without getting a Suburban Jungle Strategist to help you through it all. Schedule here for your strategy session with our innovative suburbs strategy team. All services are completely free.



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