South, North and—finally!—East(chester)

Mar 30, 2016

Why we moved to Eastchester, NY

Katie Nordone is no stranger to moving. This Florida native has made the jump from Fort Lauderdale to D.C. and back again, before packing it all in a rental car and heading to her final destination: Westchester! So what made this moving pro go from White Plains to Eastchester? Something that’s all too familiar to plenty of suburban families!

No matter the circumstances—why you’re moving, how close or how far, who’smoving with you—settling in a new community is always an epic journey. And my latest—the move to Westchester from Fort Lauderdale, Florida was certainly no exception.

This wasn’t my first big move either. After graduating from college in Florida I headed to Washington, D.C. then, soon enough, trekked back to Fort Lauderdale where I met my husband. He headed back to New York while I stayed behind in Florida…but not for long.

When it was finally time to make the move we loaded everything I owned into a rental car—if it didn’t fit it got left behind!—and hit the road, set on White Plains, New York. Our first impressions of our new community? It wasn’t quite NYC, but it was still a bustling city with lots to see, do and discover, with the added perk of being close to Manhattan and, at the same time, my husband’s family business.

Over the months we really grew to love White Plains—it had everything we needed for that critical first year. Just steps from our apartment was a movie theater plus bars, restaurants and plenty of shopping. It was a fast paced place to live, and we really enjoyed it.

Then I found out I was pregnant and things changed—fast.

With a baby on the way we knew we wanted to settle down in a suburban area that was incredibly family-friendly. I made the most of my bed rest researching and making phone calls to see what was what, specifically focusing on Eastchester—my husband’s hometown. With a few quick searches I started to see the real perks of this community, including top-rated schools, playgrounds for all ages, amazing toddler classes, plenty of restaurants, gyms and more. The town’s websites as well as other sites dedicated to Eastchester living became my guides and, hands down, steered me in the right direction. The only thing left to do? MOVE!

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