Spend Spring Break in the Suburbs

Mar 31, 2023

There’s no better way to “test drive” a town than to live like a local

With school spring breaks right around the corner, this is the perfect time to not just tour a town or two but to truly live like a local. 

“The more time you can spend in a town before making a move, the better,” says Suburban Jungle NYC Strategist Allison Levine. “Town tours are a great place to start. Once you find the town that feels right, go back to test-drive what it’s like to stay over the weekend or for the week. See the community first-hand and experience what you’d really be doing on weekends or over breaks if you lived here full time.” 

NYC Strategist Eleanor Johnson agrees. 

“Moving in and already having that lay of the land is ideal,” she says. “You’ll also have that added confidence that you’ve found the right spot because you’ve already spent some nights and weekends and school holidays in and around town. There will be fewer surprises once you land – and that’s a good thing!” 

The next step: planning your spring break in suburbia 

So what’s the ideal way to scope out suburban towns this spring break? 

“We recommend getting a spot in a residential neighborhood, to have that authentic in-town experience,” Allison says. “You can check out sites like Airbnb or VRBO and find a place to stay in a neighborhood you’re considering, or sometimes there are hotels nearby as well. Your Strategist and agent can help point you in the right direction.”

From there, plan to try out all of the things you’d do if that were your home. A perfect example? Make a beeline for your local grocery store, and stock up on meals and snacks for the week or weekend. Love Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or prefer to buy local? Make sure you’ve got easy access to your preferred shops, farmers markets, and grab-and-go restaurants. 

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If exercising is part of your lifestyle, map out a run at a local park, or take a class at one of your  favorite boutique gyms like Pure Barre or Soul Cycle. Another strategy for getting a taste of local life: if you’ve got kids, sign them up for trial classes at local studios, pools, or training facilities. 

“Our local dance and gymnastics studios are happy to have kids come try a free class,” Eleanor says. “Call and see what classes have open spots and if you can sign your child up for a trial. If it’s a parent-and-me class or if you wind up hanging out and watching, you’ll have a chance to chat with local moms and dads. Don’t be shy! Ask about the studio or the schools. Ask when they moved in and what they like most about the community. People love to share their experiences.” 

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From there, map out other “essentials” – things you’d need and want in the ‘burbs, weekend must-do’s, and other top-level exploration. Brought your pup along for the adventure? Head to a dog park or two and let your furry family member mix and mingle. Looking for a foodie scene? Try a different local restaurant every day. Hit the jogging paths, stroll through the farmers market, check out the local beer garden, or find the best oat milk latte in town. 

It’s also a good idea to test out the commute, whether you’d be driving to work or taking public transportation. Even if you aren’t working – or working from the city – during your stay, plan a trip during your normal work hours and take note of station parking, commute times, and any snags along the way. You may even have multiple options to try, whether it’s two different stations or different modes of transportation – a bus and train or ferry, even.

“If it’s important to you or will be part of your day-to-day life in the ‘burbs, make sure it’s part of your spring break exploration,” Eleanor says. “We can help map out your strategy – and we are here to chat about it all when break is over.”

Want to plan spring break in the suburbs – or just kickstart your exploration? Let’s talk. Schedule your Strategy Session now. 

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