Start Your Suburban Search This Fall. Here’s Why. 

Aug 30, 2023

Fall is the perfect time to explore – even if your move is months (or more) away.

If you’re living in the city, chances are at some point you’ve thought about packing it up and making a leap to the ‘burbs. We get it because we’ve been there, too – and so have virtually every single one of our clients.

Often the allure of the suburbs emerges alongside a period of major change – a new job, new addition to the family, or a kid ready to start school, let’s say. No matter the reason, though, one thing is often the same: you’re ready for more. More rooms. More storage. More outdoor space. More escape from the hustle and bustle. Just more.

If that sounds familiar, we’ve got you covered. And our advice? Start looking…now. Because whether you’re three months or three years from making a move, it’s never too early to start exploring suburbia. Here’s why: 

#1. Because patience pays

Finding your ideal suburb, neighborhood, and home might happen during your first town tour, or the process could span weeks, months, or even longer. Some people have a very focused strategy, anchored by towns they already have identified in one area. Others cast a wide net, searching New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, and Long Island to find the perfect place to call “home.” The more towns on your list – and the more due diligence you want to do – the longer your search could take.

Once you’ve zeroed in on a town? The house hunt ensues. Based on market dynamics and the chosen area, you might seal the deal within days, or you might find yourself navigating a bidding war over several months to secure your ideal abode. Initiating the search ahead of time positions you aptly to leap when the chance arises.

“Our approach is completely tailored to you and your pace,” says New York Strategist Eleanor Johnson. “There’s zero pressure, zero stress. Beginning early, though, instills confidence in your ultimate decision. And that assurance? It’s priceless.”

#2. Because you want to explore beyond “name brand” towns

It’s common for clients to start their suburban journey with several towns in mind – these are typically where their friends have settled or towns they’ve heard about in passing. 

“There’s a list almost every city dweller has,” Eleanor says. “But that’s the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are over 600 towns, all within commuting distance to New York. Our job is to help clients find their perfect fit – whether it’s one of these ‘name brand’ towns or a community they’d never heard of before we started working together.”  

That said, Eleanor adds, don’t dismiss these popular communities.

“Those top-of-mind towns are familiar for a reason,” she says. “They tend to have A+ schools, quick commutes, and great amenities. But there’s so much more than those communities. So don’t limit your search. Starting early gives you time to explore even more.”

#3. Because you want to get a real vibe of the towns you’re touring

Search just in the summer and you likely won’t get a sense of what life’s really like in a town – people are away, kids are at camp, and residents head to local beaches and pools. Visit just in the winter and you’ll potentially be wading through snowy weather, and not getting a good sense of what a town looks and feels like since everyone’s stuck indoors.

By starting now – in the fall – and giving yourself ample time for your search, you’ll be able to zero in on a few favorite communities and spend time visiting over multiple times of year. That’s a win because, likely, you’ll be living there a year long.

Head out this fall, and you’ll see what it’s like when people are back to school (and back to life). Then narrow your list and pay another visit during the holidays – a great way to get a sense of a community’s holiday spirit and all of the festive fun. Then, if your moving plan permits, head back in the warmer months to round out your impression before deciding what feels like your town. 

#4. Because your kids can picture themselves diving in

Seeing kids heading back to school, hitting the soccer fields, or participating in local community events – fall festivals, farmers markets, and more – can help your family envision what life will be like post-move. That’s important – and exciting. Fall is an ideal time to explore these happenings. In most towns, there’s lots going on and, again, everyone’s back from vacations, family visits, and camps, giving your crew a glimpse of “real” life. 

Ready to start your search? Let’s talk! Schedule a free Suburbs Strategy session now.

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