Suburban Day Camp Series: This Week…Breezemont Day Camp in Armonk!​

Jun 22, 2015

Day camps are a great way for new and prospective suburban families to meet locals in the areas you’re exploring—and sending city camps to camp out of the city gives them a chance to step out of their immediate comfort zones, and take advantage of even bigger, better activities, outdoor adventures and more. We’ll be highlighting a few different camps in each of our different areas over the next few weeks, so whether you’re looking for a last-minute placement or researching fornextsummer, check back each week!​

This Week…Breezemont Day Campin Armonk!

Designed to be a “day camp wrapped up in a sleep away camp facility,” this stunning 15-acre property is the perfect place for young campers to learn, grow and explore. The camp itself combines the traditional outdoor camp experience—large green fields, towering trees and a lake perfect for swimming and water sports—with state-of-the-art activities, aquatics and other unique offerings. What’s more, because Breezemont’s goal is to satisfy campers and parents first, the camp is constantly growing and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of its extended community—a community that, for nearly 80 years, has served as the critical building blocks for young campers’ future success.

The ages

Breezemont’s “Junior Camp” was designed for the youngest campers—three and four year olds, plus campers entering kindergarten—while its “Upper Camp” caters to kids in 1st – 8th grade. Activities grow and expand to fit the unique needs of children at varying stages, ensuring happy, secure and engaged campers who walk away from their Breezemont experience feeling confident and accomplished.

The facilities

Breezemont’s cutting-edgefacilities ensure the optimal summer experience for all campers. Within the camp’s 15 acres are a host of exclusive activities and facilities, including an aerial playground complete with ropes and adventure course, an amphitheater, archery range, nature center, six heated pools and a host of updated sports fields and courts. In addition to its distinctive facilities, Breezemont also boasts a host of traditional camp activities including a sprawling lake, picnic area, full-service dining room and playground.

And while not a traditional facility, Breezemont does offer another unique perk: amazing lunch and towel service for all campers. It’s a big boost for parents rushing to get kids out the door in the morning—no need to track down try towels or pack a delicious, healthy lunch—and for campers.

The activities

All activities are age-appropriate and center around eight core “periods” per day. Campers have swimming lessons each day along with recreational swim, plus two land sports and two specialty activities. Specialties may include artistic endeavors such as ceramics, arts and crafts and jewelry making or, even, exciting outdoor pursuits such as fishing or nature activities. Older campers can also choose to participate in a club activity, enabling them to carve out daily time to pursue specific interests, strengthen a skill or try their hand at something completely new!

Campers may attend for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks, giving families the flexibility to travel or spend quality time together during these fun warm weather months. Sessions start on June 29th soregister soonto ensure your campers have an on-time start!

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