Fitness & Workout Trends Hitting the Gyms in the Suburbs

Aug 20, 2023

…and ONE Fitness Trend We’re Glad is Staying in the City

We get it—moving to the suburbs means finding a new place, or even multiple gyms in the suburbs, to get your sweat on. As diehard studio aficionados, when we made the leap from the city, we were relieved to find our city faves had also become suburban fitness trends. Some other urban workout trends that are popping up in the gyms in the suburbs?

SLT(Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone)

Get ready to strengthen, lengthen, and tone in Greenwich, Roslyn, Rye Brook, and in New Jersey studios in Short Hills and Hoboken. We’re excited to see this trend take off even more and become the latest and greatest suburban gym sensation to make its way from the city in a significant way.


What started as an urban essential has long been a staple in the suburbs. Now, suburbanites can hop on a bike in Long Island (Roslyn, Woodbury), or in sister studios in Bronxville and Rye Brook in Westchester. Heading to Connecticut? Head to Greenwich or Westport for some Soul or, in New Jersey, to Short Hills—clearly, a suburban gym mecca—or Hoboken.


We assumed Orangetheory was a city experience. The reality? We’re wrong—very wrong. There are tons of Orangetheory locations, dozens spanning the NYC suburban gyms. We counted close to 50 just outside of city limits—yes, 50. So if this is your sweat-session of choice, you’re in luck. Anywhere you go, there’s likely an Orangetheory gym in the suburbs nearby.


Before these boutique studios made a run at the NYC suburban gyms, Equinox was already expanding up and out. Now, if you’re heading to the ‘burbs, plan to transfer your membership.

In Connecticut, you can break a sweat in Darien, Greenwich, or the newest addition to the trio, Southport. New Jersey offers fitness options in Paramus and Summit. As for New York, you have six locations just outside the boroughs: Great Neck, Woodbury, and Roslyn on Long Island, and Armonk, Mamaroneck, and Scarsdale in Westchester. The best part? Your beloved classes, from Studio Cycling to Barre Bootcamp to Ab Lab, have also made their way to the suburbs, ensuring you won’t miss a beat in your fitness routine.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is HOT, and after one class it’s easy to see why this has become a major gym in the suburbs. There are 11 studios in New Jersey including popular clubs in Denville, Montclair, Short Hills and more. In Westchester, head to the Bronxville or Mount Kisco locations and, on Long Island, opt for one of three—Garden City, Huntington or Manhasset. Connecticut’s also a Pure Barre hotspot with six locations—Darien, Greenwich, Westport, and Fairfield, for starters—plus three more are opening soon.

Barry’s Bootcamp

While Barry’s doesn’t have the same reach as some other gyms in the suburbs, it’s getting there. Not only is this celebrity boot camp all over the city plus other urban epicenters—LA, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Boston, and D.C., among others—a location is open in Scarsdale. Fingers crossed for more in the not-too-distant future…

The Bar Method

Darien and Fairfield in Connecticut, Roslyn Heights, Huntington Village, and Port Jefferson Village on Long Island and 10 locations in New Jersey, if you’re all about the BAR, you’re in luck. This one is a bonafide suburban fitness trend. You should have no trouble finding your new studio when you land in the suburbs.


Irvington in Westchester is home to the only area YogaWorks. The franchise has, though, expanded into Northern California, Orange County, and the D.C. Metro area so we’re hopeful this one will find a few more suburbs to set up shop.

One that isn’t a suburban fitness trend in the making—at least we hope not? Performix House, an uber-exclusive $900 per month club near Union Square that, to date, has only accepted about one in four applicants. The world on the street is that Performix House is dominated by celebrities, models, and well-known entrepreneurs, with classes taught by sought-after instructors including SoulCycle’s Akin Akman and Charlee Atkins. While we get it—we also want to be surrounded by people with serious sweat-intentions—this gym seems a little extreme and we’re happy to leave trends like this in the city…

Find a great spot suburb to get your sweat on. Get in touch to learn about these suburban sweat sessions and to find the right town to call “home.”

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