Suburban Jungle’s ReSizers Division Featured in Westchester Magazine!

Nov 4, 2019

More and more suburbanites are “resizing” not “downsizing,” and Suburban Jungle is here to help.


More and more people are looking to “resize” and not “downsize” as they approach retirement, and Suburban Jungle is helping them strategize their next steps.


The company’s “ReSizers” division was recently profiled in Westchester Magazine.The division, explains Suburban Jungle Founder & President Alison Bernstein, focuses primarily on suburbanites”in their early 50s or so; still working, still active; their kids are launched; and they want to start the next phase of their lives.”

Read the full article,Westchester Homebuyers Aren’t ‘Downsizing’ Anymore— They’re ‘Resizing,’ onWestchester Magazine.



Ultimately, explains Alison, “resizing is about living your best life when you’re in the stage ‘in-between raising kids and retirement’ — a relatable goal for many Westchesterites.”



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