Suburban Jungle Strategist Lauren Wight on Getting into Your Dallas Groove

Dec 10, 2020

She’s a (nearly) lifelong Texan and, now, she’s passionate about connecting families to the Dallas suburbs


“I am a lifelong Texan — but I grew up in West Texas, on the very, very tip of the state,” says Lauren Wight, Suburban Jungle’s lead Dallas Strategist. “I left for college but stayed in Texas — UT Austin. The state is so big, though, that you can really venture out and still be ‘here.’”

After graduation, Lauren moved to Chicago, where she wound up spending the next five years, working at an advertising agency.


“I was single, I was young, and I was trying to figure out what my exact career path would be,” Lauren explains. “Chicago was so much fun and it was great to experience some ‘real’ winters, but as I got older I wanted to put roots down — and I knew that meant coming back to Texas…specifically, back to Austin or to Dallas, another city I really loved.”


Making a move back to her home state
From there, Lauren dug in, investigating the job markets and housing options in both cities. Ultimately she packed up and headed to Dallas — and she’s never looked back. Within a year of landing in Dallas, Lauren met her husband and the rest, she says, is history.


“We both knew we wanted to stay in Dallas — we wanted our kids to grow up in a great neighborhood filled with other families. We knew we wanted great public schools where the parents are really involved. We wanted a safe neighborhood with a strong sense of community pride and connection. And we wanted things to do — trails, parks, restaurants. That was most important to us,” she says.


Armed with their must-haves lists — and recommendations from friends and family — the Wights set out to explore Dallas and the Dallas suburbs. For months they researched, talked to friends and friends of friends about different communities and read every article they could find on their “front runners.”


“In the end, the neighborhood we landed in — in Far North Dallas — won out,” Lauren says. “The schools felt right. The community is amazing and we were close to my husband’s family, which has been a huge help for us.” Four years ago, they made the move. Earlier this year she joined the Suburban Jungle team.


Helping Suburban Jungle families explore the Dallas suburbs
Now Lauren is laser-focused on helping families find their ideal Dallas community — families coming from Texas and beyond.


“I work with a lot of Dallas-area families, but I also connect with families from other states — so many people are moving to Texas from California, Chicago, New York and internationally,” Lauren explains. “We’re seeing a huge influx of professionals and young families, and I love working with them to understand Dallas and what makes this such an exciting place to live.”


No matter where people are coming from — and how much or how little they know Dallas — Lauren focuses on understanding their unique needs so she can help them explore efficiently and effectively.


“I’ll ask how they spend a typical weekend,” Lauren says. “I ask what their kids like — is it all about soccer or maybe music or dance? Do they love being outside? Are they super active or more laid back? And what are their interests? Are they foodies? Mountain bikers? Need to be near a farmers’ market? It all matters — and there’s really a community for everyone here.”

From there, she says, they craft a “must-see” town list and start drilling down on details like class size, arts and culture and other considerations.

“There are areas known for arts, for music, for being edgier, for a more rural-feeling,” Lauren says. “Again, the greater Dallas area is so large and so diverse that it’s very easy to find a community that really syncs, where it’s easy to find your groove.”


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