We “Get It” Because We’ve Been There, Too

Feb 12, 2024

Suburban Jungle Strategists on making their moves from urban to suburban

We always tell our clients we get it, because we’ve been there, too. We’re each working moms, who spent years, decades, or even entire lifetimes in the city before moving to the suburbs. Some of us didn’t get our move right the first time and tried again. Others landed and fell in love, raising families, building communities, and growing our careers in towns we’re beyond happy to call “home.” And now, we help other city dwellers or people looking to “re-suburb” do the same. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way.

Patti Natiss, Head of National Strategy and Emerging Markets, on the Emotional Journey of Urban to Suburban:

“The move from urban to suburban life is as emotional as it is physical. I’ve lived it. The excitement of new beginnings mixed with the nostalgia for city life’s convenience and familiarity…I’ve been in Greenwich for over a decade, but I can still feel it – and I remind my clients that it’s OK to have a mix of emotions and that finding the right community can ease the  transition. It’s about creating a new network and discovering local gems that make your new town feel like home.”

Allison Levine, NYC Strategist & Director of Communications, on Understanding Client Needs:

“All too often, families know they’re ready for a change but can’t pinpoint what that looks like. My journey from the city to the suburbs helps me empathize and truly understand what our clients are going through. It’s not just about more space — it’s about finding a place to see your family grow and thrive. My role is to listen deeply and help clients articulate and achieve their vision for the future.”

Robin Hoberman, NYC Strategist, on Building Community:

“One of the biggest fears families face when leaving the city is the loss of community. I reassure them by sharing my experiences of finding friendship and support in unexpected places. The suburbs offer a different kind of community — one that’s centered around schools, parks, local events, and anything you prioritize. I help families envision the rich experiences they can have in their new surroundings and why it’s so important to find where you belong…a place that checks all of your boxes.”

Eleanor Johnson, NYC Strategist, on Matching Lifestyles to Locations:

“Finding the perfect suburban town is like matchmaking. It’s about aligning a family’s lifestyle, interests, and values with a community that reflects those. Having made the transition myself after assuming I was a city ‘lifer,’ I understand the importance of considering everything from commute times to local culture. My advice is always to look beyond the aesthetics of a home and consider the daily rhythm of life in that area.”

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