May 20, 2017

TheDream Houseis a lot like theDream Wedding.

Chances are, you were thinking about The House long before you decided to make a move—long before you had The Family to slot into The House, even.

But then the rubber meets the road—you’re finally ready to make the leap from the city to the suburbs and settle into that house you’ve been dreaming about for weeks, months or evenyears.Before you settle on paint colors and roll out the welcome mat, though, here’s one thing to consider…


Is The HouseREALLYthe most important piece of the puzzle?

Before you answer, really give it some thought. While,of course,the house you live in isveryimportant—it’s where you’ll raise your family, celebrate holidays and make endless memories for years or evendecades—wherethat house is situated informsa lotof that. And, in many ways,that where will drive your success in the ‘burbyou decide to callhome.Think about it…


You Can CHANGE a House. But a Town…?

Want a fourth bedroom? Call the contractor. Need an extension? Tap an architect. Ready for a refresh? Grab an interior designer. Time for a new kitchen, a new coat of paint or a new exterior? There’s someone at the ready to leap into action and get you the home of your dreams now or in the future. And that’s a good thing—and, chances are, that’s something you’ll take advantage of at some point in your homeowner journey, especially if you plan to stay in your house for the long haul.


But reverse that for a minute—what if thetowndoesn’t check all of your boxes? It’s not so easy to shift the vibe or the pervasive personality of an entire community, is it? And while your house could be amazing, not loving lifeoutsidecould put a major damper on your suburban experience.


The better approach? Find that “right fit” townthenfocus on The House—chances are, you future town has plenty of dream home prospects, even if it takes a little patience to find yours.




You Want to GET OUT (In a Good Way…)

Finding the right townfirstwill help you and your family makes friends, feel connected and, overall, more easily transition to suburban life. The happier you all are, the more invested you’ll feel in the community. And the more invested you are in the community, the more memories you’ll make within that community—think summer BBQs, block parties, parades, school concerts and more.


The easiest way to get there? Find a town that syncs with your family’s lifestyle and personality. Think about your crew. Are they creative and fun-loving? Will your days be spent on the soccer field or the baseball diamond? Are you planning to stay home? Work in the city? Plan on having a nanny or au pair? While these may sound like minor details, they all feed into how well you sync with a community. If you’re the artsy crew in a town of financial professionals,the only SAHM in a sea of au pairsor the sports family with no field in sight, things might not gel as well as you’d like. And there’s no way you’ll be able to connect those dots byjustlooking at a house. To get to this level, you’ll need to dig into the town itself and the people who live there.


Your Family Has Unique Wants & Needs

Face it: in the city families are a little spoiled—not necessarily abadthing, though. You’re steps from world-renowned activities, amenities, arts, culture and much,muchmore. And, while the ‘burbs certainly have their share of must-sees, must-dos and must-tries, you likely won’t have every single thing as at-your-fingertips as you do in the city. By drilling down on what you, your spouse and your kids want and need—the Mandarin classes, the soccer camps, the horseback riding, the surfing lessons—you’ll be able to find a community that has what you need when you need it.


Again, the house matters—and mattersa lot—but it’s essential your family have itall.And that includes lots of experiencesoutsideThe House. By starting with the town first, you’ll ensure you have both pieces—the amazing suburban life with the dream house at the center of it all.


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