Suburban Jungle a noted “Lifestyle Fixer” by the BBC​

Feb 10, 2015

Each year, hundreds of city-dwelling families turn to Suburban Jungle to help their transition to suburban life easier and more seamless, starting with a comprehensive approach to finding the perfect community. But it isn’t just Suburban Jungle helping busy professionals gain some much-needed support and guidance when it comes to lifestyle challenges—nor is it just happening in hectic NYC.BBC’s Capitalsection recentlychronicled “lifestyle fixers” in the U.S. and UK, who each focus their energy, efforts and expertise towards aiding their growing client bases.

In the case of Suburban Jungle, BBC noted the agency’s unparalleled ability to help client Emily Mervis and her husband home in on a suburban town that fit their specific needs—a sub-40 minute commute to the city and proximity to a main train station, among other preferences. The couple had, previously, tried to find a home in the suburbs but, without a deep knowledge of life outside Manhattan, found the process frustrating and, ultimately, gave up. However,with Suburban Jungle, the “consultant took the time to understand what we are looking for: price range, the community, how you imagine your life, your weekend, what school you want for the kids, [whether] you need to be near a park…She even wanted to know if we had to be within walking distance of a Starbucks.”

Though diverse in their offerings, all “lifestyle fixers” profiled in the BBC’s article take a decidedly hands-on and elevated approach to assisting their clients—these are far from concierge services but, instead, agencies focused on “the bigger tasks of life,” including extensive home organization, professional management, art consulting and acquisitions, lifestyle facilitators and broad-reaching interior designers.

As the demands on busy urban professionals and their families increases, so do the benefits of integrating accomplished, experienced agencies like Suburban Jungle and those outlined in the BBC’s piece. From aiding in the heavy lifting to helping streamline complicated decisions and lifestyle necessities, Suburban Jungle and others can help point clients in the right direction, and alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that come from these overarching choices and time consuming tasks—starting with finding the perfect town to call “home.”

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