The 5 Most Athletic Towns in the NYC Suburbs

Sep 7, 2018

Great places for your little athletes to call “home”

Youth sports are SERIOUS business—and if you’ve got aspiring athletes in your apartment you no doubt know what we’re talking about. The good news? The NYC suburbs are packed with opportunities for young athletes of all ages and interests. Whether they’re ready to hit one out of the park, score the winning goal or beat their personal best, there’s no shortage of sports, training facilities and private coaching once you leave city limits—especially not in these super-sporty towns.


Darien, Connecticut

There’s no sport you can’t find in Darien, from the classics—think baseball, softball, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer—to the sports you’d expect at this preppy, waterfront community. Those sports—everything from squash and tennis to swimming, hockey, sailing, and equestrian—make this community a go-to for the athletically-inclined.


Niche ranked Darien High School #2 in the state for student-athletes, with one student declaring they’re “ridiculously good at sports,” though he cautions would-be jocks to get in on the action early since there’s little room for those who “haven’t been in the junior leagues since at least elementary school.”


Massapequa, New York

While lacrosse is king in Massapequa, other athletes are far from alone. In its 2019 rankings, Niche declared Massapequa High School the Best High School Sports in the state, beating more than 1,700 other public schools. Girls softball, swimming, football, soccer—they’re all mainstays in this South Shore community. Even their marching band is top-notch, making appearances at football halftime and at the Newsday Marching Band Festival every fall.




Summit, New Jersey

Again, lacrosse is front-and-center in Summit, though soccer easily competes on both the boys and girls front. No worries, though, if your child isn’t gearing up for these ultra-competitive sports. In Summit, there’s virtually any athletic endeavor you can imagine, with kids jumping into baseball and softball, basketball, flag football, swimming and more, all offered year-round through rec teams, school teams, and private coaching. But, again, soccer and lacrosse do tend to steal the show, with kids starting pre-preK and year-round soccer happening in early elementary school.

Garden City, New York

Another lacrosse community, Garden City made Niche’s most-athletic cut at #5 on the New York ranking. Sports start young here, with lacrosse kiddies hitting the field around two or three years old. The town’s bustling Department of Recreation and Parks offers youth sports and clubs for kids from preschool through high school, hitting every sport from soccer and tennis to basketball, track, baseball, softball, football and, of course, lacrosse.


Westport, Connecticut

A mainstay at the Little League World Series, Westport is a sporty town and always has been. Like nearby Darien, Westport pulls from traditional youth sports and more tony activities, ensuring every kid can find something to dive into—and that includes competitive diving (and swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, crew and, really, anything else you can do in or on the water).


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