The 5 Things Every Suburban Mom Needs, with Divalysscious Moms!​

Dec 7, 2016

Moving to suburbia? In the hustle and bustle of getting everything locked down—the right town, the righthouse,the mortgage, the movers—it’s easy to forget that life in the ‘burbs is going to looka lotdifferent than life in the city. And that’s why Suburban Jungle has shared the 5 Things Every Suburban Mom Needswith our friends at Divalysscious Moms.

FromDivalysscious Moms:

“It’s enough to make even the most Type-A parent’s head spin. And that’s why, in the midst of all the excitement and, yes, chaos surrounding a move to suburbia, it’s easy to forget a few other must-haves—must-haves every mama needs when she makes the leap from the hustle and bustle of the big city to life in the ‘burbs.”

Click hereto check out Divalysscious Moms’ post now. And to figure out what town truly fits your family,click hereand get your complimentary suburbs strategy session!

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