The City vs. the Suburbs: Why Pick the ‘Burbs’ Over NYC?

Feb 23, 2014

How does living in the suburb make your life easier? Here, we have listed some reasons why you should pick the suburban life over the city life.

It’s question we get all the time at Suburban Jungle —what are the REAL benefits to life in the suburbs? Choosing Manhattan or Brooklyn has some obvious benefits, from world-renowned activities, attractions and neighborhood go-tos for kids of all ages, to incredible culture, food and, of course, less time spent on trains and buses for Mom and Dad can spell more time at home (in an apartment…). So why, with all this at your fingertips, do so many young families flee the city each year for life in the “outer outer” boroughs?

The two most common reasons we hear are space and schools. Space is the easiest to tackle—for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, you can opt for an apartment, which families often “grow out of” fast. For that same price you could easily slide in to a mortgage on an exponentially larger house, just over the border.

Schools is another one—who wants to tackle to notorious NYC preschool application process? And come kindergarten you’re back to the races, with applications, interviews and screenings. With so many incredible schools across Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut and northern New Jersey, making the move all but guarantees you a fantastic education for your brood, without the hassle and headaches.

So what else? Here are a few of our favorites PROS to making the move:

· Good bye city noise! Life in the suburbs will, likely, be quieter and more peaceful than life in your high-rise or brownstone.

· One word: backyard. Enough said!

· Driving gets easier—and that makes life with school-aged kids easier, too. You can forget double parking, taking the subway and walking in the snow. Just hop in your car and take the kids to play dates, practice, school or wherever!

· The amenities are incredible! If you grew up in the suburbs, a washer/dryer probably wasn’t a luxury to you…but in the city it is! What you give up in 24-hour takeout you make back in the ability to wash and dry clothes in the comfort and convenience of your own home—without a bag of quarters.

· Speaking of, most city parents DID grow up in the suburbs, or in a more rural spot. Think back to some of your best memories—playing in the yard, walking or biking to a friend’s house, BBQs in the back. While those are certainly possible in the city, they’re a bit trickier. But in the ‘burbs, those memories are alive and well!

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The decision to leave to city for the suburbs is different for every family—and you’ll know when you and your family and ready. Weigh your options, think about what’s important and where you see yourselves next year and beyond…and we hope to see you in our neck of the woods soon!

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