Unique Private Schools in the Philadelphia Suburbs

Feb 14, 2022

Looking for a non-traditional learning environment? There are countless options in the Philadelphia suburbs!

For kids with learning differences — or, simply, kids who thrive in a more non-traditional environment — finding the right school can be a challenge. The good news? There are countless private schools in the Philadelphia suburbs. Need more targeted suggestions? Schedule a free Suburbs Strategy session and we can dive in, together.

Benchmark School (Media)

Benchmark is an accredited private school serving students in grades 1-8 who have dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, or other learning differences. This co-educational program sits on a 23-acre campus that features a state-of-the-art innovation lab, performing arts center, and confidence ropes course. Benchmark educators use individualized lessons and small class sizes to help each student reach their full academic potential and develop essential 21st-century skills.

Students also have the opportunity to continue building their self-confidence and critical thinking skills through Benchmark’s 5-week summer camp.

Woodlynde School (Strafford)

Woodlynde School uses nurturing, challenging, and comprehensive programs to help K-12 students with learning differences. This school follows a collaborative model that utilizes teachers, counselors, parents, and the students themselves to create a successful educational plan for each student. Specialists, including a full-time speech and language therapist, are available to assist students outside the classroom as needed.

This school emphasizes college readiness and works to help each student realize the options ahead of them, whether that is a two- or four-year school or a non-traditional route. Dual enrollment programs, specifically designed for students with learning differences, are also available for Woodlynde seniors.

Delaware Valley Friends (Paoli)

This Quaker educational program offers an inclusive and nurturing program for students in grades 1-12. Here, students with learning differences have their individual needs prioritized and they are supported throughout their academic careers.

In addition to following an ambitious curriculum, students are encouraged to foster their leadership skills and creative talents through co-curricular programs. Dungeons & Dragons, Baking Club, and the Environmental Club are just a few of the options available. With the “no-cut policy” students can also join any sports team, regardless of their experience or ability.

Stratford Friends School (Newtown Square)

Stratford Friends, like Delaware Valley, follows Quaker principles to create its compassionate learning environment. This school serves students in grades K-9 who have language-based learning differences. This school has an average student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1. Educators use multi-sensory, research-based methods to instruct students in a way that works for their unique learning styles.

Students are supported in the classrooms by the Shine Bright Initiative. This program, led by the school’s counselor, occupational therapist, and speech and language pathologists, ensures that each classroom experience helps every student develop self-advocacy skills and build their self-esteem.

The Quaker School at Horsham (Horsham)

The Quaker School at Horsham has educated children with learning differences for more than 35 years. This program prides itself on nurturing the whole child. The evidence-based curriculum encourages students to develop their social thinking skills, such as how to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, in addition to learning essential STEM and literacy skills.

Students in grades K-12 with a variety of complex learning differences are welcome to apply for this specialized school. The school offers a 4:1 student-teacher ratio and retains eight clinical support staff members.

AIM (Conshohocken)

AIM is the largest school in the area to provide resources for students with language-based learning differences. Almost 400 students in grades 1-12 are served in this state-of-the-art private school program. Educators and students benefit from the integrated AIM Institute for Learning & Research, which helps teachers translate cutting-edge research on learning differences into impactful classroom activities.

A team of school psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and a facility dog are available to support students throughout their learning process. Students are also encouraged to participate in art, athletic, and community-based extracurricular programs to develop their social-emotional skills in a safe and welcoming environment.

Center School (Abington)

Center School works to help students with language-based learning differences in grades 1-8 meet their full potential. Center School realizes that each student is unique and educators create tailored lesson plans that can be adjusted to meet each student’s individual needs.

During the summer, students can join a four-week enrichment program to continue developing math and literacy skills in a fun and interactive environment. A Creative Art and STEM summer program is also offered for students who love to participate in hands-on projects.

MileStone Academy (Jenkintown)

MileStone Academy is a unique program focused on helping high school students meet their own definition of success. Students with diverse learning differences work with highly-trained educators to define their goals. Whether the student aims for college or a career, they are empowered to reach their dreams regardless of their learning differences.

The MileStone curriculum includes plenty of opportunities for students to develop essential life and job readiness skills. Students can also take courses to explore their unique interests, such as coding, publishing, and digital photography.

The Vanguard School (Malvern)

The Vanguard School provides essential academic and social-emotional support to students ages 4-21. Students with learning differences who need additional attention and interventions are encouraged to apply to this school. A team of therapists and specialists, including speech-language, occupational and physical therapists, are on staff to support students in the classroom and in small-group settings.

This school follows the Life, Career, and Community Education (LCCE) curriculum to ensure each student gains the skills they need to succeed in the real world. Practical career exploration is included in this curriculum to help students think about their interests and realize the opportunities they will have after graduating from Vanguard.

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