Here’s How to Virtually Search the Suburbs Like a Pro

Mar 31, 2020

If you’re looking to make a move, know this: you CAN start or continue your search now. Here’s how.


It hasn’t been that long but, already, most of us have gotten well into the swing of all things virtual. From virtual book clubs to virtual workouts to, of course, distance learning for the kids, right now our lives revolve around all things online.


Suburban searches are no exception. While local families have traditionally taken advantage of agent-led town tours and “test driving” communities live, Suburban Jungle has also helped many families moving from across the country or around the world. For geographic reasons, many of these families search remotely, supported by our expert team and technology-driven tools.


Now, we’re using those virtual search skills to help our clients start or continue searching suburbia, even though we’re limited in our ability to get out and explore “like normal.” We’re also carefully monitoring the market including CDC recommendations and local guidelines so we can adjust our approach in real-time.


Here’s how we’re keeping searches moving forward right now…


#1. Suburban Jungle Strategists guide every search
First, connect with your Suburban Jungle Strategist—and if you haven’t gotten started yet, click here to complete our quick online questionnaire and schedule your strategy session.


Your initial strategy session will be an in-depth conversation to review your family’s needs, wants and priorities. The goal of this call is to determine what you’re looking for in a community, so your Strategist can suggest potential towns that align with your lifestyle. Together, you’ll talk through the characteristics of each town, building out a customized dashboard that anchors your search.


#2. Chat with Locals

Suburban Jungle Locals live in the town you’re exploring and are an amazing resource. They’re available to connect and share their experiences about day-to-day life in their community.


“We have an extended network of Suburban Jungle Locals in hundreds of towns around the country,” says Strategist Robin Hoberman. “If you want to talk to a real family living in that town—someone who has kids in the schools, who are involved in the sports scene or who commutes to the city—we can make that connection.”


Now is a great time to reach out to Locals. Many are chatting with families on the phone, via Facetime or even using Zoom or Google Hangouts.


“Ask questions, pick their brains, see what they love about a town and why they landed there,” says Robin.


#3. Connect with Suburban Jungle agents

Our agents are fully immersed in their specific suburbs and will work with you to explore towns remotely and in-person—and, later, will be key to finding your perfect home.


“We’re monitoring the current situation and home search guidelines as they evolve,” says Strategist Erika Ades. “Right now, some of our agents are able to do in-person home tours one-on-one. Others are doing “ride-behinds”—you can hop in your car, put the agent on speakerphone and follow them through town, getting highlights along the way. These agents know their towns inside and outside, and can give you an authentic view, neighborhood-by-neighborhood.”


And for communities where a drive-through tour isn’t an option?


“Many of our agents have virtual town tours, videos of downtowns, amazing Instagram feeds,” says Erika. “We’ll work with you and your agents to ensure you have that information if you can’t get out and tour right now. And when you can, we’ll help coordinate visits to explore towns in-person.”


#4. Get information from targeted local resources

Some communities have active newcomer groups, local Facebook pages or PTO sites packed with information. Also, local newspapers often cover the entire community, including academic achievements, athletic awards and town events. These can be great resources as well—and your Strategist can point you in the right direction.



Now is the time to search the suburbs—Suburban Jungle is here to help. Work with your Strategist to keep moving forward, or get in touch to schedule your first strategy session now.



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