What is the suburban jungle Anyway?​

Mar 1, 2012

So, you live in the city, New York City, and you’re a young family, with young children, or perhaps you’re considering starting a family; do you think about possibilities of living outside of New York City?

The suburban jungle, as I like to call it, consists of a large network of suburban neighborhoods outside of New York City that are great options for families hoping to relocate to the suburbs. The Suburban Jungle Realty Group is a Manhattan firm that works exclusively with buyers leaving the Big Apple in search of their own little corner of the suburban jungle or Westchester, Connecticut, Long Island or New Jersey.

There are more than 500 towns across the tri-state area, and even attempting to decide which of these neighborhoods would be best for your family on your own can be daunting. The Suburban Jungle Realty Group functions just like a traditional realty company, with the added conveniences of working with a personal advocate and not having to travel to each suburb you’re interested in. You’ll get exposure to the entire inventory of homes available based on their opportunity. Your personal advocate works to ensure that you’ll consider all your suburban options that meet your most important criteria.

We’re also working with 30 new town consultants across the tri-state area, people who have been what new buyers are going through – they’re local moms who left New York City and they offer a wealth of information. They represent what life in these suburbs is really like — from school systems to weekend activities — and that’s really the most important thing because you just don’t know until you’ve lived there.

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