What Living in Southlake Is Really Like

Feb 6, 2019

Are you ready, “dragons”? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you have a lot to learn about the city of Southlake, Texas. This upper-middle-class suburban metropolis is a mecca for those who love shopping, luxurious properties and football. That’s right, folks. This city has churned out more state championships than Coach Taylor (think Friday Night Lights, but bougier).

Image: Dragon Stadium, GJ McCarthy Photography


Once A “Dragon,” Always A “Dragon”


This phrase is key to understanding the city of Southlake. Everyone is a “dragon” here. And I mean everyone. The high school quarterback. The hairstylist at Aveda with a green streak in her hair. The retired men eating brisket outside the feed store barbeque. Everybody bleeds green. And they have since they were little. In Southlake, the mascot for every elementary school, every middle school, every high school, and every intramural club is – you guessed it – a dragon. In Southlake, you’re a dragon for life. If this town was a movie, it’d be a cult classic, like Pulp Fiction or Mean Girls.


Luxury Living


It is no mystery that Southlake is one of the most expensive suburbs in the DFW Metroplex. The average median household income is well above $100,000. When driving through Southlake, especially on White Chapel Road, you will notice palatial properties sitting on multiple acres of land. It is not uncommon here for people to build large man-made lakes on their land (complete with docks and rowboats), for tax purposes, of course. Even the smaller neighborhoods boast McMansions that would have you questioning why they haven’t dropped the “Mc” yet.

Image: Own Southlake



Shopping Galore

This city is heavy on the shopping. With 10+ mini shopping centers found throughout the city, plus the infamous outdoor mall, you will never run out of shopping options here. Southlake Town Square, the city’s pièce de résistance, is home to their townhall and one of the largest outdoor shopping complexes in the DFW. Complete with rooftop bars, restaurants galore, shopping for all ages, and a Cheesecake Factory, what more could you want? (Besides a second piece of cheesecake.)

Image: Own Southlake


This May Be Your New Home If…

Southlake may be your new home if… all of the above sounds like your perfect suburban haven. While not for everybody, this town is incredibly focused on community and most natives love it enough to want to move back one day. That’s gotta say something. This city is extremely safe and full of places to go and people to see. If this city sounds like your cup of tea, then perfect! If it doesn’t, hop on over to a neighboring city like Colleyville for a more relaxed vibe.


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