What Made Us Decide to Leave the City for the ‘burbs​

Mar 21, 2016

The Suburban Jungle Realty Group works with countless families, all considering a move from urban to suburban. Each family has a unique story to tell about their experience in the city, what made them consider the ‘burbs and why, ultimately, they chose THAT town—and, of course, plenty of stories to tell about their transition from city to suburb.

We’re kicking off this new series with another great Suburban Jungle Family: The Halperns! Check back for more from Robin Halpern over the next few weeks, and see how her family navigated life, both in a two-bedroom (with two kids and a dog!) and, now, as a suburbanite…

There was no strike of lightening. No flashing neon sign. No divine inspiration. It was simply time to go.

I grew up in the suburbs and went to college in the country. Then I graduated and began working in the city—and lived in a closet. Not just me, either—it was me, my husband, my two young boys, plus our small dog, all living in a two-bedroom apartment on the upper (upper) east side.

We did it all. Picnics in Central Park. Playdates in the corridors of grand NYC museums. Riding tricycles and playing soccer—in our hallway. Something just didn’t feel right about that.

We didn’t think the day would come. We had tackled the daunting nursery school application process and came out on top (except for the huge bill…). We were two working parents with a great nanny and happy kids, with a playground across the street. But our apartment had become a giant playroom, not to mention a stroller parking lot. And we were daring to think about a third child—and that’s when it became just plain preposterous to stay.

So we did our homework. We looked at various towns across the tristate area, vowing never to return to Long Island, where we grew up. And then…guess where we wound up? Our dream home, our perfect community, our forever after was right there, where we swore we’d never live. All the homes, the towns, the diners we sampled, and we ended up right where we belong.

For us, home turned out to be where our family (read: our help) is. But when we realized a playroom could actually be in the basement, when we realized stroller parking could actually be in the two car garage, when we heard our kids laughing in our expansive backyard on their own personal swing set, we knew we had made the right decision.

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