Where do They “Summer?” Exploring your Town’s Summer Goings-on!​

Aug 19, 2014

Like each suburb has its own unique personality, many of these towns tend towards specific summer activities. Whether it’s a community pool, private club or day camps every which way, or a culture of second homes and weekend getaways, the way residents spend the warmer months should be one that feeds into your overall decision of where to ultimately call “home.”

Outdoor adventure in Maplewood

What they like: public pools, parks and local activities

Check out the public offerings. Is the town packed with parks and community pools, packed with local residents who spend their days soaking up some sun—and plenty of fun? If your family plans to hunker down locally in upcoming summers, this could be a good spot to start. Try researching other public activities—parades, festivals, fairs, outdoor shows, concerts and more—to paint a complete picture of what next summer (and plenty of summers after!) will wind up looking like.

Travers Island in Pelham

What they like: private pool, tennis and golf clubs

Many area towns are filled with well-appointed members-only clubs, be it a posh tennis club, family-friendly golf club or popular pool club. Often these clubs become the epicenter of area social life, from days spent poolside, courtside or on the green, to evening activities, events, dinners and charitable functions. Finding a club that aligns with your family’s personality and interests is key—some are heavily focused in one activity, like competitive swimming, tennis or golf, while others are more laid back and serve as broad-reaching destinations where families can settle in for the entire day.

What they like: summers spent AWAY

Is this a community of second homeowners? Do neighbors dash after work on Thursday, and race back home on Sunday nights? Or are they truly gone from the last day of school until Labor Day? Thanks to these towns’ well-positioned locations near summer hotspots like the Hamptons, Nantucket, Fire Island and the Jersey Shore, many suburbanites flock to the beautiful beaches and charming vacation communities that surround. Maybe you’ve got a vacation home already—or maybe it’s part of the not-too-distant plan—in which case these towns can be great fits, as you won’t be “missing” anything happening on the home front each summer. But if you’re looking to settle in to life in your immediate community during this season, it’s wise to check out some area happenings in the towns that immediately surround.

Just like each town is unique, the way NYC-area suburbanites spend their summers can truly set the tone for the community as a whole. Make sure your new town aligns with your family’s needs and expectations so you can have the best summer—and beyond!

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