Why Childcare “Personalities” Matter MOST | Boston Moms Blog​

Mar 27, 2017

It’s WAY Bigger Than Bedrooms & Bathrooms… We talk to the Boston Moms Blog! One of the biggest mistakes we see in the suburban search process? Families heading to the ‘burbs without giving any thought to their childcare plans and how they mesh—or don’t mesh—with their chosen town. Maybe they think they’ll transition their city childcare approach—the nanny, daycare, grandma or staying home, let’s say—into their new suburban life. Sometimes that’s a rock solid plan. But sometimes it’s not so simple—sometimes wait-and-see is a big mistake. From the Boston Moms Blog:


“Think about it—you’re the working mom in a sea of SAHMs. Because the majority of moms are home, the activities, classes, teams, clubs, and sports are all oriented toward those families—and that makes it tricky for your kids to participate.


Or maybe you stay home and are, now, in a town that leans heavily on au pairs. Head to the park and you’re suddenly ‘the mom’ surrounded by 19-year-old German-speaking au pairs—probably not your core social group.”




A town’s childcare “personalities” is a huge piece of the puzzle for Suburban Jungle, and something we encourage families to explore long before they settle on a place to call “home.” As we tell the Boston Moms Blog:


“Really focus on who seems to be handling the childcare duties and, more importantly, think about whether you could picture yourself and/or your kids in that mix. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what makes a town—you, your family, and how you feel in that community.”



By finding the right suburb for your family—childcare plans included—you’ll have a more seamless transition and be more likely to love where you live. And that’s exactly what we’re helping Boston moms (and city parents everywhere) discover! To figure out which town truly fits your family—and your child care plans!—click here and schedule your complimentary suburbs strategy session!

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