5 Must-Work Spaces in the NJ Suburbs

Nov 22, 2019

The New Jersey suburbs are home to a huge work from home population — and these on-demand offices have become total hotspots.

More and more people are working from home in New Jersey than ever before — and that means there’s more demand for workspaces.

The good news? The New Jersey suburbs are already packed with hip, collaborative, affordable places to plugin and get to work. Better still, many of these spots have become entrepreneurial incubators where professionals and creatives thrive. It’s not uncommon to grab a few drinks at onsite happy hours and networking events — or, even, close a deal with the entrepreneur on the other side of your “hot desk.”

#1. Liquidspace (Bloomfield, Cranford, East Rutherford, Fair Lawn and more)

Liquidspace’s diverse, on-demand network of 109 working spaces has quickly become in-demand. With countless configurations from a drop-in desk to a massive boardroom, they’ve always got the perfect space in the right spot, whether you need a quiet place to jam or a jaw-dropping backdrop to pitch your million-dollar idea.

Currently, the network has spots in Bloomfield, Cranford and Fair Lawn among several other New Jersey suburbs. For those who want to be closer to the city — but still, stay in out of Manhattan or Brooklyn — tap into one of Liquidspace’s locations in Hoboken or Jersey City. No matter where you choose, you can rent by the day, the month or go long-term, then adjust as needed as your business booms.

#2. Eagle Rock (Montclair)

A hotbed of creatives, startups and freelancers, this cool co-working space offers coffee, creativity and co-working, all in a trendy space in a very trendy suburb.

Schedule a free day to test the waters, then dive right in. Depending on your budget and business needs, you can opt for a “hot desk” that enables you to pop in and pop out anytime or a dedicated office. Need more space sometimes? Snag a conference room complete with free WiFi, video conferencing and (we’re told) very comfy office chairs.

While the bulk of members are solopreneurs and startups, Eagle Rock also attracts established small businesses from around the area. So if you’re looking to not just make a move to suburbia but bring your company with, this spot could be just right for you.

Another perk? Eagle Rock has some of the latest and longest hours around. Early birds can settle in as early as 6:00am, and you can keep burning the creative fuel until as late as 7:00pm some nights.

#3. SOMA One (South Orange)

Billed as a particularly innovative and high tech workspace, SOMA One allows you to simply click “hold seat” on their site and, from there, reserve the space you need to get to work.

With some of the most flexible renting options out there, SOMA One is ideal for the entrepreneur, creative or even students who need a place to plug in and work, sometimes or always. Their rates are low and wide-ranging, their terms are freelance-favorable and they’ve got virtually everything an entrepreneur could possibly need to build their business, all right on site.

Another perk? SOMA knows you have to hop on calls from time to time — even in this hyper-digital, Slack-centric market, there’s something to be said for saying, “hi,” right? For that reason, SOMA’s got phone booths onsite so, even if you don’t rent an entire office, you can still have a few minutes of privacy to chit chat, as needed.

If you rent here, take a word of advice from the current clientele: their onsite coffee and tea bar is a must. It’s available all day and ideal for getting over any creative slumps that threaten to sideline you. Cheers to that.

#4. The (Co)Working Space (Woodbridge)

If millennial workers had their dream office, this would be it. Bright, inspired and practically oozing with creative energy, this workspace is ideal for people who need to get the job done…but don’t mind having a little fun and expanding their networks in the process. Rent by the month or opt for a membership, there’s tons of flexibility here — plus cold brew on tap, we hear.

#5. C3 Workplace (Montclair)
Another Montclair co-working hotspot, C3 Workplace offers short-term desks and offices, as well as larger-scale meeting and corporate event spaces. Come in, plugin and get to work, or commit to a part- or full-time schedule that syncs with your business, scope and budget.

Like many other co-working companies, C3 gives workers the option of a single desk or private office in a variety of configurations. However, they also kick things up more than a few notches with targeted rentals based on your clientele and the clients and partners you’re hoping to attract. For example, rent a business lounge as a one-off or longer short-term rental and kick back with your new clients for an all-day brainstorm.

Alternatively, you could easily layer in staffing from receptionists to VAs to bookkeepers, making any first impression an amazing one. Want simpler? Opt for mail-forwarding, co-marketing and phone services and instantly you have the space, the services and the professionals to take your business to the next level!

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