Top 5 Reasons the Holidays are Better In the Suburbs

Dec 13, 2022

From next-level lights to inviting the whole gang this year, there’s something special about celebrating in suburbia. 

While celebrating the holidays in the city is a blast – think sky-high Christmas trees, stunning storefronts, and seemingly endless activities – the suburbs come with their own unique perks. And, yes, Santa has no problem finding his way to the ‘burbs for plenty of pre-holiday check-ins… 

Here’s why we love celebrating the season in suburbia:

#1. Bigger, better entertaining 

You’ve no doubt mastered the art of hosting 16 people in your studio. But, in the suburbs, you can give guests – and yourself – plenty of room to spread out and relax. From a bigger kitchen to indulge your culinary prowess to an extra bathroom (or two) and loads of space for younger visitors to play, being in a house is especially helpful during the holidays. So go ahead and host that cocktail party or cookie swap and invite the whole neighborhood. You’ve got the space. 

#2. Holiday weekends are a reality…

The only thing better than inviting friends and family for a holiday get-together? Extending the celebration for the entire weekend. And, again, with more space, it’s easier to host overnight guests without feeling pinched – or asking Grandma to sleep on the couch. 

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#3. Two words: trunk space

While every year we swear we’ll start early, inevitably by this stage of the holiday shopping game we need to hit some stores in person – and haul back those last-minute gifts ourselves. Hopping in and out of the car and loading gifts right into the trunk is a massive timesaver, versus having to wait for (and pay for) an Uber.  

#4. Say “yes” to special gifts

The kitchen set your kids begged for – or the mini bounce house your mom has had in her Amazon cart since August? In the suburbs you won’t have to give up your entire living room just to accommodate that extra special gift. Whether gifts find their way to the basement, the backyard, or some dedicated play space, everyone wins. 

#5. Decorations go next-level 

Whether you personally decide to go “Clark Griswald” or not, the suburbs deliver when it comes to spectacular lighting displays. Depending on where you land you may be surrounded by elegant, subdued lighting installations – or you could wind up with blinking lights and reindeer inflatables for blocks. Either way, it’s festive, it’s fun, and it’s an easy way to get into the holiday spirit. 

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