5 Signs You’re Ready To Move To The Suburbs

Nov 18, 2023

Deciding whether to stay in the urban whirlwind or make the move to the suburbs can be a tough call. City living has its own unique allure and set of challenges. Once you’ve navigated the complexities of public transport, adjusted to the cost of living, embraced the vibrant food scene, and mastered the art of maximizing minimal living space, it’s not easy to let go. It’s even more difficult to envision a different lifestyle.

However, there are often subtle signs suggesting that a change might be beneficial. These signs hint that, as much as you love city life, a move to the suburbs is in your future. If these signs resonate with you, it could be time to consider the transition. Don’t worry, though – we’re here to guide you through this exciting new chapter.

#1. You’re spending more time out of the city

You used to venture out of the city mainly for special occasions like a college friend’s wedding or the odd day of apple picking, beach trips, or ski getaways. However, you’re noticing a growing tendency to escape to the suburbs more often.

It began with casual visits to your former city neighbors who have since become suburban dwellers. But now, you find yourself finding reasons to head to the suburbs. Grocery shopping? Not only is it more affordable outside the city, but parking is so much easier. What about weekend shopping sprees? Carrying bags through the city, especially on public transport, can be a hassle. And playgrounds – they’re just so much more relaxed and less crowded in the suburbs.

We get it. The more you spend time in suburbia, the more you want to move to the suburbs. Go with it. Start spreading your suburban wings and explore places you may want to call “home.” Soon enough, you’ll feel the pull—and that could be a sign it’s time to move. 

#2. You feel more relaxed out of the city

Those afternoons spent in the tranquility of suburbia often leave you returning to the city feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and prepared to tackle your busy schedule again – almost as if you’ve had a mini-vacation during your weekend.

Sound familiar? These super-calm vibes could be a clear indicator to think about moving to the suburbs. While the city may hold a special place in your heart, it can become overwhelming over time. If you find that the suburban lifestyle aligns more closely with your current needs and desires, it’s a signal that it’s time to start seriously considering a change. And that might mean moving to the suburbs.

#3. You’re not feeling the school scramble

A newly minted suburban mom shared her realization that her family was better suited for suburban life when she chose not to engage in the city’s competitive school search. Her oldest child was about to begin pre-K, and her friends were deep into the frenzy of kindergarten preparations—ranging from gifted and talented tests to private school tours and kindergarten applications. Despite the pressure to follow suit, she didn’t feel enthusiastic about it. Within a few weeks, she and her family were actively searching for homes in preparation for their move to the suburbs.

It’s another common sign—while you were all-in on the preschool process, sometimes the city school scene is just too much. If you have more than one kid coming up, you could devote a ton of time just to navigating the kindergarten scene. If that’s not your scene, it could be time to move to the suburbs. Pick a suburb that suits your lifestyle (and with schools that meet your family’s unique wants, needs, and goals), and that’s it. Your kids can jump right into the local public school or, likely, you’ll have tons of private school options.

#4. You’re not using the city to its fullest

In your 20s, the city is the ultimate destination with its vibrant bars, restaurants, nightlife, and cultural attractions. It’s the perfect place for young adults to thrive. But as the kids come into the picture, the city remains accommodating for young families. With the convenience of ordering everything from Pad Thai to Pampers for quick delivery, it seems like an ideal setup for new moms.

However, over time, your city lifestyle might start to lose its luster. While you still enjoy visiting the local park and indulging in Taco Tuesday deliveries, you spend more time at home. So why not make that home bigger with more space and the possibility of having your own park-like backyard? If you’ve reached this point, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to seriously consider your move to the suburbs.

#5. You just know it’s time

Sometimes, deciding between staying in the city or moving to the suburbs requires careful consideration. But sometimes you just know what’s right for you. It could be that your friends have already made the move, and you’re hanging in the ‘burbs with them, sipping rosé in their backyard or lounging in their spacious living room. Or maybe you had a suburban upbringing, and now you feel it’s time to provide your children with a similar experience.

When you know, you know. For many, moving to the suburbs is a gut decision. Trust those instincts, and more often than not, you’ll land exactly where you belong. 

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