5 Signs You’re Ready To Move To The Suburbs

Feb 18, 2019

Whether you planned to stay in the hustle and bustle for the long haul or had always planned to make your way to suburbia, it’s still hard to decide if you should stay or go. Living in the city is as amazing as it is challenging, and once you’ve mastered the transportation, the prices, the foodie scene and, of course, cramming a lifetime’s worth into a small space, it’s hard to give it up—and even harder to imagine living any other way.

Often, though, a few sneaky signs start to bubble up—signs that, while you love life in the city, the suburbs could be calling. If any—or, likely, all—of these sound familiar, it’s likely time to take the plunge and head to the ‘burbs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

#1. You’re spending more time out of the city

While weekends out of the city were once reserved for your college roommate’s wedding and the occasional day of apple picking/beach-going/ski getaway, you’re finding yourself increasingly heading to the ‘burbs lately.

It started with you and your crew visiting your former neighbors turned suburbanites but, lately, you’re making excuses to head to the suburbs. Groceries? They’re cheaper out of the city and there’s parking. Weekend shopping? Who wants to haul stuff around the city—and via public transportation? Playgrounds? They’re so much less crowded in the ‘burbs.

We get it. The more you spend time in suburbia, the more you tend to like it. Go with it. Start spreading your suburban wings and explore places you may want to call “home.” Soon enough you’ll really feel the pull—and that’s, likely when it’s time to pull the trigger and make a move.

#2. You feel more relaxed out of the city

And those afternoons in suburbia? You inevitably return to the city feeling relaxed, recharged, and ready to get back to business—almost like a mini-vacation, packed into your weekend. That’s definitely a sign to consider the suburbs. Over time the city can be a lot, even if you love it. When the suburbs feel more comfortable and more in-step with your current lifestyle, it’s time to start exploring—and time to take the plunge.

#3. You’re not feeling the school scramble

One newly-minted suburban mom told us she knew her family wasn’t meant for the city when she opted out of the school search. Her oldest was just starting pre-K and her friends were already elbow-deep in all things kindergarten—the gifted and talented tests, private school tours, and kindergarten applications for starters. She knew she needed to get started but just wasn’t feeling it—weeks later, they were searching suburbia.

It’s another common sign—while you were all-in on the preschool process, sometimes the city school scene is just too much. If you have more than one kid coming up, you could be devoting a ton of time just to navigating the kindergarten scene. If that’s not your scene, it could be time to move to the suburbs. Pick a suburb that suits your lifestyle (and with schools that meet your family’s unique wants, needs, and goals) and that’s it. Your kids can jump right into the local public school or, likely, you’ll have tons of private school options.

#4. You’re not using the city to its fullest

When you’re in your 20s the city is the place to be—the bars, the restaurants, the amazing nightlife, culture, and everything in between. And when the kids come? The city is a great spot for young families. Think about it—you can order up everything from Pad Thai to Pampers for sub-30 minute delivery. What more could a new mom want?

Often, though, your “use” of the city starts to wane. Sure, you’re still hitting up the local park and ordering in for Taco Tuesday, but you’re more or less hanging home nowadays—so why not hang back in a bigger home, with more space and the potential for a park in your own backyard? If that’s where you are, it’s time to consider moving to the suburbs.

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#5. You just know it’s time

Sometimes you have to weigh your options and decide if you want to stay in the city or move to the suburbs. Sometimes, though, you just know. Maybe your friends have left the city and you’re really enjoying the time you’re spending with them sipping rose in their backyard or kicking back in their massive living room. Or maybe that’s how you grew up, and you feel like it’s time to give your kids the same experience. Don’t question it—often, moving to the suburbs is a gut decision. Go with your gut and, chances are, you’ll be happy with what comes next.

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