5 Ways to Explore The Suburbs Like An Insider

Feb 24, 2023

Here’s how to get behind-the-scenes during your town tours 

Town tours are a big part of our process – and key to finding the right suburb for you and your lifestyle. Armed with your list of must-see towns, you’ll tour one-on-one with Suburban Jungle partner agents, getting the lay of the land first-hand. 

But keep in mind, these tours aren’t just about checking out the downtown or breezing by the local schools. With each town tour, you’re experiencing a community you could call “home.” And it’s important that you get the real lay of the land before you decide to settle in or keep exploring. 

Our recommendation? Working with your Strategist and agent, explore even more – live life like a local, even if it’s just for a day (or a few hours, even). Consider these “add-ons” to your tours, and get a true insider perspective on what life could be like. 

#1. Dinner Date Night

Plan a stress-free evening enjoying cocktails and local fare at one (or more) of the town’s restaurants and bars. Soak in the experience and decide if the town’s nightlife has the vibe you’re looking for.

#2. Drop In to a Kiddie Class

Mommy and Me yoga, storytime at the library, Roll-around at the Rec Center, whatever the activity, drop-in classes are a fun way to meet parents with kids of the same age. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek of what weekends could look like if you make a move.

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#3. Slides, Swings & Monkey Bars

Playgrounds are magnets for young families. Parks in the ‘burbs might not be as crowded as the ones you’re used to in the city, but that just means less time waiting your turn at the swings. While you’re there, engage with other parents and ask them questions about the town. Most people love sharing their own experiences and recommendations, especially to potential newcomers. 

#4. Sweat It Out

Hot yoga, Pure Barre, Soul Cycle, Orangetheory, CrossFit – you’ll find all the same classes in the suburbs that you have enjoyed in the city. Typically, for a nominal fee, you can take an exploratory class and break a sweat with your potential future neighbors. Again, it’s all about experiencing what life could be like – and if this could be your new 10am Soul Cycle go-to. 

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#5. Hit The Farmer’s Market

Cup of coffee in hand, indulge in a leisurely stroll through the farmer’s market. You’ll get a true taste of the community by talking with local growers and other patrons. And, you’ll see that the Union Square Greenmarket is not the only place to source organic apples, lush micro-greens, grass-fed beef and artisanal cheeses. 

Ready to start exploring suburbia like a pro? We’ve got you covered! Schedule a free consultation now.

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