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Sep 11, 2020

All three “buckets” of families are leaving the city and heading for the suburbs…


“There are three classes of urban dwellers,” Suburban Jungle Founder & President Alison Bernstein explains to ROMPER. “There are the die-hards who plan never to leave; the wait-and-sees, who hope that their careers, or the market, will change, allowing them to buy a city home someday; and the tourists, committed to a city stint but planning to decamp eventually.” With the onset of COVID-19, all three have quickly left the city for suburbia.


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“Pre-pandemic, people were saying, ‘I don’t want a lot of house. I don’t need a lot of land. I need to be close to the city,’” Bernstein says. “That’s completely shifted.” Now a lot of land, and a lot of rooms, are in demand as people plan to work and have their kids attend school at home. Many more markets open up.”



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