All About the burbs: February 19-21, 2016

Feb 19, 2016

THINGS ARE HEATING UP! And we aren’t just talking about some (finally!) milder temperatures from coast to coast but, also, spring market.


Planning for a smart home? You aren’t alone. EvenBarbie’s Dream Houseis going high tech (drone included).
More than1 in 3 renterssay theycan’tafford to buy — but, given the lending shifts and lower than predicted rates, they can.
Home buying and datingseem to have A LOT in common…
How low can rates go?Pretty low, says experts.


Think your commute will be a killer post-move? Think again.Some suburban commutesare even shorter than in-city ones.
All 5 ofPort Washington’s elementary schoolsnow rank among the state’s best
Get a serious taste for a town — grab brunch! Check outPig and Prince, a local Montclair fave, as you’re browsing houses this weekend.


Nothing new here:San Francisco real estate is on the rise.
Heading to the ‘burbsdefinitelybeats renting in this high cost market — check out what$3,500 gets youin the city.
Brunch in Alameda? Theoptionsare endless.


17 Chicago suburbsrank among the nation’s safest
The area’s luxury trends meansbigger and better— but what does that mean for first-time buyers?
At thisbrunch hotspotin nearby Evanston, farm to table is always on the menu.


The newGold Line extensionmakes commuting in and around the LA ‘burbs even easier
Home pricesin Southern California continue to rise — what does that mean for soon-to-be buyers?
Year after year thisbrunch hotspotremains a go-to for visitors and locals alike

AND A LITTLE NEWS FROM BOCA RATON: Is Boca thehealthiest placeto raise a child?

This mom says YES.

Enjoy the weekend!

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