5 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Connecticut

Jan 9, 2020

When you work from home, you’ve got built-in flexibility. But sometimes having some added structure is a great thing. Enter these co-working spaces…

If you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or some other type of independent working professional, a non-traditional work environment may be your jam. We totally understand why – working from home has its challenges, whether you’re having difficulty carving out a dedicated space or finding it hard to concentrate on working from your living room couch.

Beyond being a way to work more efficiently, coworking environments are flexible, energizing, and offer a way to network with like-minded individuals of different industries and walks of life. Added bonus: instead of spending a small fortune at Starbucks, the coffee at many coworking spaces is free.

While you could work from a coffee shop or café, choosing to work in a space dedicated specifically to conducting business has a ton of advantages. If you’re looking for coworking space in the Fairfield County, CT area, there are several excellent options to choose from. With a variety of amenities and price points, you’re bound to find a space that suits your workspace lifestyle.

Here’s our roundup of five amazing coworking spaces you can find in Connecticut.

1. Serendipity Labs (Stamford, Westport)

One of the biggest players in the coworking game, Serendipity Labs sets itself apart with its focus on upscale, hospitality-based experiences. With two locations in Fairfield county, each boasts a full slate of amenities based on Serendipity’s nationwide corporate offering.

Nestled in bustling Harbor Point, the Stamford location makes itself at home in a historic loft-style building. The space is fully customizable and includes access to private offices, dedicated desks, team rooms, meeting, and event space. It’s right on the waterfront and just steps to trendy shops and restaurants, which is perfect for client lunches or post-work networking events. And for quick access to out-of-town meetings, the location offers a complimentary private shuttle service to and from the well-connected Stamford train station.

The Westport location of Serendipity is slated to open in January 2020, and features similar amenities in a convenient location on Long Island Sound, just outside New York City.

Access to Serendipity starts with a basic membership plan that includes ten days of coworking visits per month for $99 a month.

2. SONO Spaces (Norwalk)

With over 7,500 feet of renovated space in a one-of-a-kind historic building, SONO Spaces is the only coworking space in Connecticut’s trendy South Norwalk neighborhood. With two buildings (one on South Main Street and the other on North Main), the coworking hub is the only one in Norwalk. The neighborhood, which also features the Design District and Google eCity, makes it a convenient location for creative professionals.

The space on South Main boasts two stories of space with stunning views – no doubt inspiring to the host of creatives that work there – with private offices, resident desk rentals, a flex pass option for business day use only, and a useful virtual membership (only $49/month) for those who don’t necessarily need to work in the space, but do want a physical mailing address. The flex pass option starts at $199/month, with resident desks available as low as $349 and offices available for $800.

The North Main location is the original storefront, and offers many of the same amenities, with flexible options as well as conference rooms and event space. Overall, whether you need a desk or conference space regularly, or just need to pop in occasionally to host a meeting or boost your focus, SoNo has several great options.

3. B:Hive (Westport, Bridgeport)

B:Hive is a community-focused, trendy set of two coworking spaces in the Westport and Bridgeport areas of Fairfield County. The original coworking space was designed by entrepreneurs with a keen eye for playful design – and you can tell. One day, you can work from a mushroom-shaped chair; the next, you’ll be creatively inspired by an “alluring ficus plant that is home to several plastic dinosaurs.”

This is a coworking space for the imaginative, as well as for those who thrive in a workspace where people like to get to know each other. The spaces also feature unique perks like free beer on draft, a relaxation lounge, and additional storage space in addition to standard amenities like WiFi and office supplies.

With affordable price points, getting in, getting a spot, and getting down to work is particularly easy. Their aptly named memberships (“the colony” and “the comb”) start as low as $250 for a flexible desk. If you’re feeling shy about committing to a monthly membership, day passes are available for use from 9 am to 5 pm, for only $25 per day ($30 in the Bridgeport location) you wish to use it.

4.Comradity (Norwalk)

One of the most affordable options on this list, Comradity is a state-of-the-art, straightforward coworking space with a good list of amenities. With private phone booths, stand-up desks, and comfortable sofas, getting straight to work in this space is a piece of cake. Though it isn’t as trendy as other coworking locations on this list, the price points are hard to beat.

A community membership starts at $200/month and includes all the basics (WiFi, community seating, etc.) for Monday through Friday access during business hours (8 am to 5 pm). The resident membership (starting at $550 per seat per month) upgrades these options with a private or semi-private office, a mailing address, and a landline phone number in addition to a few other perks. If you’re looking for a great place to tuck in and focus at an affordable price, Comradity may be for you.

5. Hayvn (Darien)

Dedicated specifically to the modern working woman, Hayvn is a unique coworking space with a suite of perks all its own. According to their team, Hayvn was designed to create a space where women can come together, collaborate, and do great work. If you’re a woman looking for that extra motivation and camaraderie in addition to flexible office space, this might be the ideal coworking location for you.

In addition to all the typical comforts of a well-appointed space (like WFi, printing services, and coffee), Hayvn also offers a fitness center and podcast room – two welcome modern amenities that are no doubt nice-to-haves in the modern woman’s workspace. Membership plans start at $360/month for a floating desk, with available options for dedicated desks and private offices.

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