An Innovative Approach for a Modern Mom Workforce

May 2, 2017

Suburban Jungle delivers a better balance for its fast-growing team.

The end result? SUCCESS.


Recently,IBM announceda desire to bring its employees more“shoulder to shoulder”by unifying them under one roof—or, more specifically, under six offices scattered across the country. The only challenge? Much of their marketing team has been working remotely or in more local offices for years, and this recent development isn’t sitting well with most team members. Some, now, have to figure out a new balance, while others need to literally uproot their lives and move closer to their soon-to-be designated departmental headquarters.


Either way, this realignment is causing an uproar, not just with impacted employees and their families but, also, with the tech and innovation community as a whole. How could a company like IBM fail to see the innovation that surrounds—innovation that makes remote teams possible and, if managed properly,successful?


And IBM isn’t the only company working through the face time vs. remote debate. As more and more working parents—and workingpeople—try to strike a balance between all of the demands chipping away at their increasingly limited time, many wind up searching for alternatives. Thanks to the internet and all that comes with, remote work often pops to the top of those deep dives.


A Modern Mom-Driven Approach


It’s something that, since day one, has been at the core of the Suburban Jungle experience. With a constant eye on innovation, Suburban Jungle has always been in-tune with the needs of both the marketplace and the internal stakeholders—the employees, freelancers and industry experts who have helped catapult the brand ahead.


The team, explains founder and president Alison Bernstein, that’s entirely mom-driven. The Suburban Jungle team includes hundreds of employees who are, for the most part,moms. As she explained toThe Huffington Post, “I am passionate about giving moms jobs,” because, for Alison, it isn’t about the office or the face time. It’s about getting the job done—and being able to strike that critical balance as a result.As she explained, “I’m not about office or face time, so if you have a ballet recital—go and enjoy your children! I don’t care if your report is done at 2 pm or 2 am—as long as it get done.


It’s a powerful approach that goes a long way in both hiring and retaining a strong, high performing staff. “Working for an innovative entrepreneurial firm like Suburban Jungle is incredible,” says Robin Hoberman, New York City Strategist with Suburban Jungle. “We have the ‘work all the time’ mentality, but onyourterms—it’s truly incredible.” Adds San Francisco Strategist Pamela Goldman, “Having control over my time yet being able to get what I need done at any point in time within the 24/7 cycle is truly something amazing for not just myself but for my family. Having my kids see me work so hard, yet being there for them when they get off the bus can never be replaced. Working at Suburban Jungle is, hands down, the best of both worlds.”




Creating Culture & Consistency


Despite lacking consistent face time and in-office interactions, the Suburban Jungle team works closely with one another, in departments and divisions spanning client services, strategy, business development, marketing, social media and more. Through regularly-scheduled conference, impromptu check-ins, weekly status reporting and occasional office get-togethers, Suburban Jungle staffers manage both the day-to-day and big picture needs of the organization, pooling their collective talents and professional experiences to drive the company forward. It’s a system that works for the entire team, and a system that’s proven to be Suburban Jungle’s “secret sauce” since its launch. “I come from a corporate background with a culture of face time,” explains Director of Chicago strategy Heather Jagher. “The founder of Suburban Jungle has four young children and came from a similar background—investment banking. It’s clear that she seeks out individuals who push themselves—people who don’t need to be pushed to get the job done. Her philosophy on pushing yourself and the entrepreneurial team spirit she creates at Suburban Jungle is something that makes me want to work hard, and makes meverypassionateabout what I do and where I work.”


Committed to Success on All Fronts


As Suburban Jungle continues to staff up, Alison and her team will continue to look for moms (and dads!) who fit the bill and are looking for a better work/life balance—something Suburban Jungle delivers. Jokes Alison, “I don’t need to babysit my workers—I have enough kids!” Instead, she’s in search of “people who are driven. That’s not something you can teach. I believe in family first and respect employees time. I understand that everyone needs to be there for their kids and feel fulfilled both professionally and personally. At different times in the day and life cycle, the balance can shift.”


Suburban Jungle continues to grow and, today, has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, LA and Dallas. But, despite the company’s ongoing evolution and increasing scale, Alison remains committed to this modern work approach. “I built Suburban Jungle on this foundation,” says Alison. “No guilt. No true balancing act. Just do.” And looking at the company’s success, it’s clear her team is truly DOING every single day.


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