Behind-the-Scenes Ways to Explore the Suburbs in the Fall

Oct 5, 2023

Back to school means “back to life”so now is a great time to explore the suburbs in the fall.

As summer fades, families settle back into their routines with the return to school and regular activities. People come back from their summer houses, camps, and vacations, bringing life back to the suburbs. With school and sports in full swing, exploring the suburbs in the fall offers an authentic glimpse into the daily life of each town. Plus, fall events add an extra layer of fun for the entire family during your suburban exploration.

Here’s your guide to navigating the suburbs in the fall. 

#1. Check out the food scene

Fall in the suburbs brings lively farmers’ markets, which are great for getting a real feel of the town. You can meet local families, grab some fresh-baked goods, and picture your weekends there.

If you’re up for something relaxed, why not grab some snacks from a local store and have a picnic in the park? It’s usually still warm enough, and it’s a fun way for your kids to play and maybe even meet some other families.

And when you want to take a break and think about moving to the suburbs, just pop into a nearby coffee shop for a latte (pumpkin spice is always a good choice in the fall!).

#2. Swing through local parks

Make sure to stop by some community parks during your visits-whether or not it’s for a picnic. Depending on where you are, you might even get to enjoy some beautiful fall foliage during your stroll in the suburbs.

Visiting a local park is a great way to see what your weekends might be like if you move to the suburbs. Look for walking paths or trails if you’re into fitness. If you have a dog, check for a dog park. Also, keep an eye out for pavilions and BBQ areas—they’re perfect for birthday parties.

And definitely take a look at the sports fields. They’ll give you a good idea of what the kids’ sports scene is like in the suburbs, especially in the fall.

#3. Go to a fall festival

From pumpkin patches to apple picking to corn mazes, there are tons of festivals happening in the ‘burbs.

Your kids will love all of the activities at these festivals, and you’ll get to experience what the community is like. Chat with other local families about the ins and outs of the town while you’re there.

It’s great to take a step back and savor the fall season. Use these fall festivals as a way to enjoy some much-needed family fun time and picture what holidays would look like for years to come in your new suburbs in the fall.

#4. Get into the Halloween spirit

When you’re exploring a suburb around Halloween, dive into the festivities! Dress up the kids and take them to a local costume contest, Halloween parade, or a ‘Boo at the Zoo’ event.

It’s a fantastic way to involve your children in the exploration process. They’ll get to meet other kids in the area, and you’ll get a sense of the community’s spirit. If you decide to move there, your calendar could soon be filled with these kinds of local activities. It’s a great chance to see if you can envision your family fitting in and connecting with the community.

#5. Spend a FULL weekend

Instead of just visiting a town for a few hours, why not make it into a full weekend getaway? Rent an Airbnb and live like a local for a few days. Pick a house in one of the neighborhoods you’re considering to get a true feel for what life could be like.

Spending a weekend in town gives you way more time to get to know the area. You can check out multiple eateries, parks, and festivals without feeling rushed. This way you can dig in a bit more and make sure you’ve found the right spot for you and your family before you make a move. .

Ready to start exploring the suburbs this fall? We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your family. Schedule your FREE Suburbs Strategy session today to get started.


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