This NYC Family Went from “Never Leaving” to “Never Looking Back”

May 25, 2020

This Davis family planned to stay in New York City for the long haul. But, now, the suburbs are calling.


A lifelong New Yorker, Chloé Jo Davis loved growing up in the city and had always planned to raise her kids in the urban hustle and bustle. Now, though, she’s ready to GET OUT.


“I’m in a two-bedroom with three kids, and the suburbs call,” she writes inBusiness Insider.”I’ve paid my dues to this city with guts and glory. I’ve done my time. I think it’s OK for me to step toward the sunshine with my babies.” And the family is making the leap, she explains, with the help of Suburban Jungle.


“I hired a genius company called Suburban Jungle, which works with denizens like me to give them a crash course in suburbs. After working with my Suburban Jungle consultant, Maya, I now feel I could write a dissertation on the burbs.”






Working with Suburban Jungle,Chloé adds, makes her feel “empowered.” While making the leap is scary, she notes, she’s prepared and ready to give her kids more as they head to the ‘burbs.


The Davis family isn’t alone either. More and more families are taking this time to explore and, even, move to suburbia.Some are even leaving their immediate surroundings for communities they hadn’t considered before. And Suburban Jungle can help.







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IMAGE: Chloé Jo Davis for Business Insider

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