City Families are Making Moves to the NYC Suburbs—and Far Beyond

Jun 11, 2020

With work going remote and families craving a different lifestyle, suburban searches are broadening in a big way.



Since the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdowns, many New York City families have packed up and headed to suburbia. From people hunkering down in their weekend homes to families seeking out rentals in suburbs around the area and around the country, we’ve heard from countless friends, family and clients who headed out—and many are making these suburban moves permanent ones.


Some families, though, are taking their searches even further, looking beyond the NYC suburbs. Thanks to many companies shifting to a remote-work model, we’re seeing an increasing number of people take their searches even further.


“Many New York City families want more than just strong schools and more space. They want a better work/life balance or to be closer to family or to have a totally different lifestyle,” says Suburban Jungle Founder & President Alison Bernstein. “So while they may be looking in the immediate New York City suburbs, they’re also keeping an eye on areas like LA, San Francisco, Austin and South Florida. If they can work from anywhere, why not explore places that are less expensive—places that could have a better quality of life?”


Considering New Jersey—or the West Coast

Sarah Ellison and her family are the perfect example. After selling their Gramercy Park apartment, they left the city for suburban New Jersey when COVID-19 shutdowns started. Now they’re considering what—and where—next.

“We go to LA at least once or twice a year,” Sarah says, “and we just love it there. We spent most of last summer in Southern California, and that really made me think about moving there, even if it’s just for a year or two.” In the meantime, she says, they’re exploring both the New York and LA suburbs, with the help of Suburban Jungle Strategists in both areas.


“Now more than ever, I feel like we need to explore all of our options. I want to make sure we’re keeping our options open and deciding what’s truly best for our family right now.”


Living the South Florida Life

South Florida has also popped to the top of many family’s suburban search. While the area has long been considered a “sixth borough,” SALT Deduction limitations made the area an even more attractive option.


“I’m working with so many New York families right now—people who want to move away from the hustle of New York City and come to South Florida,” says Suburban Jungle Strategist Melissa Schneider. “I work with clients to hone in on their wants, needs and dreams so we can find a community that syncs. Because when you find that community, it’s just incredible—South Florida is a place people can truly thrive. It’s not just the financial incentives, but the weather, the vibe, the communities. Moving here is an amazing lifestyle choice.”


Creating a Custom Suburbs Strategy

Ultimately, Suburban Jungle’s Strategy team can help families, whether they’re searching the suburbs just minutes away, or exploring on another coast.


“Our presence in so many markets is really appealing to city families right now,” Alison says. “We can support your search in Westchester or on the West Coast. We can help you search in New Jersey and Austin—or South Florida or San Francisco. This really helps families make a move that’s exactly right for them, even if they aren’t in some or all of the markets they’re searching in.”




Whether you’re ready to make the leap or just starting to weigh your options, Suburban Jungle can help. Get in touch to schedule your Suburbs Strategy session and start mapping out your search—whether it’s in one market or many.


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