Come & Stay Awhile: Check Out These Staycation Spots

Jul 29, 2022

Looking for a town that offers year-round vacation vibes? Explore these D.C. “staycation” towns or discover why families love living in the San Fernando Valley.

It’s a Staycation Everyday in These D.C. Suburbs 

D.C. is a hub for food, culture and entertainment. But that energy doesn’t stop at the city limits. In fact, the D.C. ‘burbs are packed with fun things to see and do. And if you’re craving a vacation but don’t want to hop on a plane or drive for hours, consider a D.C. suburb staycation. Here are 10 D.C.-area hotspots perfect for people looking to live the vacation life without ever leaving home. 

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Why Families Love Living in San Fernando Valley

We hear it a lot: LA families who never pictured themselves leaving the city — until, one day, it just clicked. The good news? There are so many amazing communities just outside metro LA that offer urban-level perks — think world-class restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more — along with the space, schools, and other suburban amenities you’re looking for. A perfect example? The San Fernando Valley. Here’s why LA families love living in San Fernando Valley. 

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