Considering a Country Club Life? Start with These 4 in the Boston suburbs

May 11, 2023

Discover different Boston suburbs with country clubs — some of the most elite anywhere.

The greater Boston suburbs with country clubs boast some of the best-appointed and most elite go-to’s in the country. In the Boston ‘burbs, you’ll find everything from championship golf courses to posh spas and pools to restaurants perfect for any foodie. The challenge? Finding the perfect community—and club—for you and your family. 

If you’re considering country club life in the suburbs, consider these hotspots…

The Country Club, Brookline 

Of many, one of the oldest Boston suburbs with country clubs is home to one of the most elite in the U.S.—known simply as “Brookline.” Rumor has it that Giselle and Tom Brady waited years to get into Brookline, as have other famous faces.

Golf shot from the bunker
Golf shot from the bunker

Since its opening in 1882, this club has been an integral piece of history, being one of the original five charter clubs established by the U.S. Golf Association. It has been the venue for prestigious tournaments, including the U.S. Open, which it is set to host again in 2022, and has attracted elite members from Boston and beyond. The club offers a range of facilities, including an 18-hole and a nine-hole golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, curling, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a skeet shooting range, cross-country skiing trails, and a skating pond.

Charles River Country Club, Newton Centre

Among Boston suburbs with country clubs, “The River” stands out as a nod to the golden era of country clubs in the 1950s. This classic establishment attracts members from the greater metropolitan area and beyond, infusing its traditional charm with modern updates. It’s not just another club in the Boston suburbs; The River has hosted prestigious events like the USGA Men’s State Team Championship and the Massachusetts Open.

One charmingly “old school” aspect that comes with membership? A serious phone policy. Guests can only use their cell phones in the locker rooms and parking lot to maintain the club’s classic ambiance. This rule ensures that the serene environment of the course remains undisturbed, free from the distractions of phones on or near the greens.

Winchester Country Club, Winchester

Established in 1902, Winchester Country Club is among the premier country clubs in the region. It boasts an 18-hole and a nine-hole golf course, nestled near Upper Mystic Lake, offering players stunning views and demanding gameplay. Membership details are not publicly disclosed, and a multi-year joining waiting list exists. However, those keen on joining this exclusive club are encouraged to seek insights and information from current friends or family members.

Brae Burn Country Club, West Newton 

Opening its doors in 1897, this prestigious club has become a favored destination for affluent Boston families, offering golf, tennis, and other activities. Known for its “tradition, natural beauty, and personalized service,” Brae Burn appeals to urban and suburban residents, particularly those passionate about golf. Members can choose an 18-hole course crafted by renowned designer Donald Ross and a nine-hole course, complete with a professional shop for all golfing needs.

Tennis at the country club
Tennis at the country club

Among the many Boston suburbs with country clubs offering a range of sports, this club is a haven for tennis enthusiasts with its six Har-Tru courts. It also features three platform courts and a well-equipped fitness center, ideal for staying active. Additionally, the club boasts a stunning pool complex, complete with an outdoor patio and deck, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the summer sunshine. After a day of leisure and sports, members and their guests can relish a meal at the club’s exclusive grille room, known for its exceptional dining experience.

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