A Suburban Move…Times TWO!

Apr 10, 2018

This City Family Heads to Westchester Then the Boston ‘burbs

Alison Perisic and her family are suburban pros — after all, they’ve made the move to not one but two unique towns within two years. “We had lived in the city for so long,” she says. “We came in as college graduates, we had our first kid there and we were ready for the suburbs when she got close to school age.” Three years ago, the family made the leap, heading from Manhattan to Larchmont, New York in Westchester County. They lived there for two years — until the Perisics made a big decision and an even bigger change.

“I wanted to be closer to my family,” Alison explains. “I felt like I’d lived the New York City life and no one in my family was moving closer to me. And besides that,” she adds, “I was ready for a big change. I’d planted the seed in my husband’s head for awhile, and when it happened, it happened really quickly.” That seed? The idea that they’d sell their home in Westchester and head to another suburb — this time, a Boston suburb. They started their search immediately.

“I’m not totally unfamiliar with New England area or Boston, even,” Alison says. “But when it came to the Boston suburbs, I was lost. We had recommendations from people but nothing seemed like a great fit.” Given their short timeline and desire to find the exact right fit, Alison reached out to Suburban Jungle. “I knew about Suburban Jungle from living in New York,” she explains. “I was familiar with their services from hearing people talk about them, and I knew they had a Boston office. So I reached out — we needed help and it was a short timeline to make it all happen.”

Working with Barbara Hirsch, Suburban Jungle’s Head Strategist in Boston, Alison and her husband dove right in, exploring the unique towns that synced with their wants, needs, and lifestyle. “They bought very quickly,” Barbara explains. “My first call was on July 11 and they made an offer that was accepted on the 24th!” She adds that the family spoke with one of Suburban Jungle’s Medfield Locals the day before their accepted offer, helping answer any final questions and solidifying that this was the suburb for them. “We knew we didn’t want a suburb right outside of Boston,” Alison says. “And we wanted something a little more low key.” Just five weeks later, they moved.

Fast forward just over six months and the Perisics are happily settled in suburbia — this time for good! “I really love it here,” Alison says. “It’s a small town and off the beaten path a little bit.” Even so, “we’re close to Boston for my husband’s job and close to Rhode Island where my family lives. It’s a nice in-between.” Overall, they love the “small, friendly New England” vibe and were able to “fall into the groove really well.”

Already, Alison, her husband and their two kids — now five and 16 months — are making friends and getting acclimated to the community. Their daughter started kindergarten six days after moving in and, so far, they’re all thrilled with the experience. “Everyone has been so friendly,” she says. “They’ve all been so welcoming — people really want to help you out.” The schools have also exceeded her expectations. “I’m really happy with the school system here,” Alison adds. “I was a little nervous because, again, Medfield is a little off the beaten path. But it’s easy to get to everything we need for our day to day lives.”

After tackling this second suburban move, Alison says, she’s become a bit of a pro — and has learned a lot about what matters and what doesn’t when choosing a place to call home.  “I feel like I had two very different experiences,” she says. “There was the move to Larchmont which was a learning experience for this move. We didn’t have a ton of help — I kind of went into it blindly.”

She explains that, while she did research and looked at the school reviews online, she wished they’d shopped around a bit more. That wasn’t the case, though, in Boston. “With the Boston move, I wanted to do our research and make sure we got all of the things that mattered. I wanted a community feel and the right schools. Suburban Jungle put me in touch with someone who lives here and really understood. I felt like I knew what Medfield was about and what I was getting into, which wasn’t what happened when we moved to Larchmont.”

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