5 Reasons Halloween in the Suburbs Rocks

Oct 29, 2023

Halloween in the suburbs is serious business! The suburbs have everything from fall festivities and pumpkin picking to terrifying hayrides and haunted houses. Some of our faves?

1. Neighborhood Halloween Décor That’s ON POINT

Halloween in the suburbs is all about fun and community spirit. Imagine streets lined with friendly decorations—pumpkins, inflatables, and a touch of spooky with spider webs and caution tape. Sparkling lights and playful yard signs add to the cheerful vibe. The excitement starts early, filling the whole month with suburban Halloween magic. 

2. Meet the Neighbors

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors and build community connections in the suburbs. As you and your family stroll from house to house, chat with local families and get to know the lay of the land. For newcomers, Halloween can be more than just a hunt for the best candy. It’s a perfect time to bond with others in your neighborhood, adding an extra layer of joy to the Halloween experience

3. More Porches = More Jack o’ Lanterns

If pumpkin carving is your forte, or if you can’t get enough of festive jack o’ lanterns, Halloween in the suburbs is your time to shine. All month long, neighborhoods come alive with pumpkins in every conceivable shape, size, and hue. Whether you’re crafting your masterpieces or admiring your neighbors’ handiwork, Halloween is the perfect time to embrace creativity and enjoy the community’s display of fun and imagination.

4. It’s About More Than Just October 31…

Halloween in the suburbs kicks off as early as September, offering a full calendar of festive activities. The excitement includes pumpkin patches, hayrides, haunted houses, fall festivals, trunk-or-treat events, farmers’ markets, corn mazes, Halloween parties, costume contests, and parades.

To stay in the loop, consider joining your local mom’s group on Facebook, checking out community updates on Patch, or simply chatting with other parents at school pickup to discover all the October happenings in your area.

5. Trick-or-Treating Starts Early

Halloween in the suburbs is a trick-or-treater’s dream. The fun typically begins right after school, giving families a whole afternoon and evening to enjoy their candy-collecting adventure. 

While you’re snagging the best candy, make sure you take time to soak in the Halloween spirit and connect with your community. As you stroll through your new suburban streets, watch for the house with the most impressive candy stash. Halloween in the suburbs is not just about the treats; it’s about enjoying the festive atmosphere with those around you.

Let’s face it—it’s all about the TOWN, not just the house. Start exploring suburbia like a pro. Contact us to learn more and schedule your free Suburbs Strategy session.

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