From working with your Strategist to refining your suburban must-haves, here’s a look at our process — and how it benefits you 

May 7, 2021

It’s not too good to be true. Here’s how Suburban Jungle works…

Step 1: Meet our innovative strategy team
Schedule a call or online strategy session
Start with telling us YOUR story — and you pick how! Schedule a call with your personal Strategist or complete a quick online questionnaire, which will be shared with the strategy team.

Our innovative strategy team will be your “go-to.” Your Strategist will be your unbiased, objective advisor throughout your entire process. Lean on us anytime.

During the process, you’ll work one-on-one with your personal Strategist to understand where to look and why. Learn how hundreds of towns stack up against one another and get all of the insights and local intel you simply can’t Google. Oh, and by the way, we are NOT real estate agents, so you can rest assured we aren’t just selling you on a house, but rather making sure you are running a truly objective process.

Step 2: Get your personalized suburban search strategy in minutes
Our strategy team + our proprietary technology = your curated town search plan!
With this information, our strategy team and our proprietary technology come together to develop a customized suburban search strategy uniquely for you — and we deliver it in minutes to your Suburban Jungle app or online dashboard. On your strategy dashboard, you will be able to review detailed information, prioritize suburbs, schedule town tours with our local partner agents, schedule a chat with a local, review insider guides, and schedule follow-up calls with your Strategist.

Step 3: Get out and explore!
Tour with our partner agents + chat with our locals
Now the fun starts: get out and explore with our local partner agents. Schedule appointments quickly and easily with the Suburban Jungle app. (side note: Here is why we pick the agents we do, and why you work with them…)

After each tour, your Suburban Jungle Strategist will help you digest all of what you have seen and how it compares to the other towns on your strategy. We are here for you every step of the way. Chat with our locals to get further insight and a true insider’s look into life in town.

Some other details!
Everyone asks us, “how are you free?” All the great insight, service, hand holding — it sounds too good to be true!

The reality? YES! All of our buyer services are completely free.

In real estate, the seller pays all commissions — and our fees come from those commissions. Where you plant your roots deserves a lot more attention than just opening a door to a house you found online and getting a deal done. Suburban Jungle shares in the commissions our local partner agents earn — those agents are paid by the home seller.

Overall, our town-first approach works incredibly well and has helped countless home buyers find the right community and the right home. Our team is here to help clients from coast to coast.

Get started now! Schedule your FREE Suburbs Strategy session.

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