Go Local: Why it’s Time to Chat with a Suburban Jungle Local

Aug 11, 2020

Our local network offers the ultimate behind-the-scenes resource to families searching suburbia.


Deciding where to call “home” is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Our goal at Suburban Jungle is to make that decision easier, more informed and much more fun. By arming you and your family with local insights, intel and access to top-rated resources—reports, trends, even expert town-specific agents—we ensure you have everything you need to make the right decision for your unique lifestyle.


But there’s one more tool we can’t get enough of: our locals network.


Think of our Suburban Jungle Locals as that best friend or favorite cousin—the one who gives you that real, insider scoop with total clarity and honesty. She knows who’s who and what’s what—the best restaurants, the coolest kids’ activities, the off-the-radar spots to spend a Saturday. We’ve all got one. In our case, though, we’ve got hundreds in our locals network.


The goal of this network? Give you a powerful and unparalleled local perspective—the inside scoop on the town, the neighborhood, even the street you’re considering. Our locals can do that because they live there right now and, in most cases, have for years. Their kids go to the town schools and play on the local sports teams. They’re involved in the PTO. They commute in on the train every day—and know exactly how and when to snag a parking permit. And because they’re so in-the-know they can tackle your nitty-gritty questions, from who gets a beach pass to which kindergarten teachers are A+ to where people really go for good Chinese food.


What to get LOCAL about

So what, specifically, should you talk to a Suburban Jungle Local about? Anything that’s top-of-mind!


“I get A LOT of questions about the beach, of course,” says Jaime, a mom of two and a Long Island local. “People want to understand who gets permits for which beaches—it’s definitely confusing until you live here! I also get a lot of questions about the Mandarin program in our district, which isn’t super-publicized. We actually didn’t know about it until we closed on our house, which is crazy. It’s such a huge selling point for the district, so I always make sure Suburban Jungle families know about it!”


To us, these locals offer the ultimate access—and we encourage you to chat with not just your Suburban Jungle Strategist but any local in any town you’re considering. Bring your questions, your worries and your super-specific need-to-knows and our locals will address them head-on, with the insight and expertise only a local parent living in the community right now can provide.


“Parents always ask about the schools,” says a long-time Westchester local. “We love the schools, so I’m happy to share anything and everything—until you’re here. Same goes for the community feel—everyone seems to be at the soccer fields on Saturday mornings, then tons of people head to the diner or the bakery after to warm up. It’s such a great community feel—when I talk to families, I try to convey that as best I can, because I realize what an intangible it is.”


Another commute local question? The real scoop on the commute.


“Our town doesn’t have the best train,” Jaime says. “For years, though, I took it every day. Then we figured out two or three other ways to get into the city in less time, without the transfers and with more convenient timetables. As soon as the commute comes up—and it almost always does—I give honest feedback about our train line, but also share the routes we’ve discovered and a few friends have shared. That way people see they have options—they’ve got the inside scoop on how we really commute, not just the most obvious method.”


All of this, she adds, is tough to gauge, even if you visit a town lots of times before making the move. By tapping into real parents who call these communities “home,” you’ll be able to ask the tough questions and get the REAL—and real-time—answers from the ultimate sources. Between your targeted strategies, agent tours and local behind-the-scenes insights, you’ll be armed with everything you need to decide your big move with total clarity and confidence—and, when you land in that town, you’ll already have someone to grab a cup of coffee with!



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