Moms we ❤: Journalist and media leader Michelle Moskowitz keeps Greenwich in-the-know

Jun 10, 2019

Greenwich mom and media leader Michelle Moskowitz loves living and working in the NYC suburbs

We’re wrapping our Mother’s Day series with Greenwich mom of three Michelle Moskowitz. Her lesson? Find your passion and never stop—because, at the end of the day, it’s all about being fulfilled and modeling that fulfillment to the next generation.

Fifteen years ago, Michelle Moskowitz left Gramercy Park for Greenwich—and, despite some initial hesitation, she never looked back.

“I had the New York City dream life,” Michelle says. “I loved my job and loved life in the city.” But, after getting engaged and wanting to build a family, she made the move to Connecticut. That, she explains, changed everything, and helped her find a unique niche in this popular town.

Now mom to three—a 13-year-old boy and twin 10-year-old girls—Michelle is deeply entrenched in the community and wouldn’t have it any other way. A reporter for The Greenwich Sentinel, a writer-at-large for Covey Club and the new Vice President of Sublime Communications (, Michelle parlayed her media background —such as Lifetime TV, Young & Rubicam and a few start-ups—to build a career in suburbia.

As a reporter, Michelle not only gained true insight into the community, but this work made her love Greenwich even more. We chatted with Michelle to learn more about her life in town and what advice she’d share with moms who crave balance.

When did you decide to move to Greenwich?

About 15 years ago.

Why did you decide to call Greenwich “home?”

“Even though I loved the city, I knew I wanted to build a family here and that it would be a great place to raise kids. The schools are great, there’s a real community feel and it’s close to the city—but it’s also very diverse, which I don’t think a lot of people realize. There are about 65,000 people in Greenwich of all backgrounds, but yet it still feels intimate because you enter so many different smaller communities: such as school, sports, or extracurriculars, volunteer groups, etc.

How does living in Greenwich inspire you and your work?

“As a reporter, I really got to know and love the community from that perspective, too. There’s a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that inspires me. People, especially women, want to start something new, something meaningful. They want a new beginning when they come here that has an element of balance (vs. city life). And this is a great place to find it. I also think that, as we get older, we get wiser and we look for deeper fulfillment that can have an impact on the world around us. Greenwich is a great place for that, too. There are so many companies big and small (profit and non-profit) doing amazing work and there are myriad ways to get involved as a parent or a professional.”

What’s one piece of advice would you give aspiring mom-preneurs and working women?

“Connect—there are lots of ways to do that here. For example, there’s a group called ‘Women Owned Greenwich’—it’s a networking group with about 100 women business owners and CEOs who either live in Greenwich or have a business in Greenwich. They’re incredible. I also think that working moms are a true model of strength—if you’re fulfilled and you model that fulfillment, it’s a great thing.”

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Image: Michelle Moskowitz

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