Getting to the Suburbs…and Getting ORGANIZED!

Aug 1, 2018

Suburban Jungle Chats with Organization Guru Rachel Rosenthal

“When it comes to moving, relocating or just living in your home, organization is key,” says Washington, D.C.-based organizing guru Rachel Rosenthal. Mom of identical twin 10-year-olds and native Washingtonian, Rachel has grown her business over the last decade, managing more than 2,000 clients and partnering with powerhouse brands including West Elm, Pottery Barn, The Container Store and Four Seasons. She’s also a frequent TODAY Parenting Contributor, lending her tips, tricks and must-tries to the popular morning show. “I emphasize solutions that are easy to use and enhance a home’s existing aesthetic,” Rachel explains. “It’s all rooted in the belief that organization can be achieved by all.”




Central to Rachel’s brand and overarching lifestyle is her passion for the city she calls—and always has called—“home.” “I’m from the area and I love it!” she says. “And I also known that life around the D.C. Metro area is busy whether you’re working, raising a family or doing both.” From that insider know-how she launched Rachel and Company, her namesake organization firm. “I knew this area needed a resource for assisting in the organization of people’s busy lives,” she adds, noting her services extend to families who need help not just organizing their spaces but, also, their moves.


Now firmly established as one of the country’s foremost organization experts, Rachel is eager to offer her services to fellow families in and around D.C.—families who are ready to live their best lives, whether that happens in the city or suburbia. Once you’ve established where you and your family want to be—something Suburban Jungle’s D.C. team helps clients tackle daily. “Think about how you would ideally like to live,” Rachel says, “and realize that it doesn’t have to be perfect. BUT, there are solutions out there to assist you in having an more organized, less chaotic life.”


Ready to get moved (and get ORGANIZED)? Get in touch with Suburban Jungle in D.C. oranywhere.



Rachel Rosenthal (interview/image)

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