Perks of Living in a College Town

Jan 31, 2022

Being near a bustling campus comes with plenty of benefits — even if you aren’t in school.

Think living in a college town is just for 20 somethings? Think again. Plenty of people opt to settle in these active communities, long after they graduate — and it’s clear why…

#1. There’s always something fun to do in a college town

Live in a college town and expect your local event calendar to be packed with art exhibits, film screenings, student theatrical productions, and seasonal festivals — and, almost always, everyone’s invited.

Even off-campus, college towns are entertainment hubs. With a built-in audience of students, expect plenty of low-cost (and amazing) options from special events to movies to outdoor concerts and, of course, top-notch nightlife including bars, restaurants, and other go-tos seven days a week.

#2. Expect a solid sports scene

Sports fan? Living in a college town could be a great fit — and a great way to spend your weekends. Whether it’s football, gymnastics, baseball, or basketball, many college towns boast teams worth cheering for. Even better, heading to local games, meets, or matches is a great way to plug into the community right away. Snag a season ticket, bring a friend, bring the kids or, even, bring the dog and support your (new) hometown team.

#3. Plenty of (affordable) events and activities

Let’s face it — most college kids don’t have big budgets when it comes to going out. Move to a college town and you’ll benefit from A+ happy hours to affordable event tickets to plenty of free activities all year long. Free outdoor performances? Ten-dollar shows? Yes, please.

#4. Soak in the great culture

Colleges often house museums, galleries, and other rock-solid cultural experiences. Whether it’s traveling history or science exhibits, student-produced art installations, or impressive architectural feats, there’s likely something fun and inspiring to explore when you’re near a college campus.

#5. Opportunities for free or low-cost learning

If living in a college town makes you want to go back to school, you might be in luck. Many universities let local residents audit classes for free. Now’s your chance to learn about any subject you want without having to worry about grades, student loans, or cramming for midterms.

Even if you can’t take a class, many colleges host guest lecturers such as authors and politicians to speak on campus. Often, schools open these events to members of the community.

#6. Diverse employment opportunities

Colleges and universities tend to be one of the biggest employers in a town. And they aren’t just hiring professors and academics. Schools hire in virtually every field including marketing and communications, design, admissions, tech, logistics, food services, and more. Plus, working on a college campus typically comes with major perks. Many schools, for example, offer on-campus childcare, access to campus athletic facilities, ample PTO (hello, summer breaks), and other sought-after benefits.

#7. Walkable downtowns

Many college towns have that urban-meets-suburban vibe — and amazing walkability. Especially on heavily-residential campuses, it’s not uncommon for students to be car-less and need great public transportation and walkability. Even if you aren’t a student, not having to hop in your car every time you want to grab a coffee or pick up some groceries is a huge perk.

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