Discovering Piedmont, Where Community and A+ Education is Guaranteed

Nov 29, 2019

This young San Francisco family found their perfect suburb…in an unexpected spot


“We wanted a better public school system,” explains mom-of-one Nicole B. “And we wanted that school system to be guaranteed—that’s not something you get in the city.”


When Nicole first reached out to Suburban Jungle, she and her husband had a newborn—but, even so, schools were top-of-mind. The San Francisco public school system can be tough to navigate, she knew, and, even in zoned spots, admission wasn’t guaranteed.


“Knowing we’d eventually move, we set our sights on finding a town and a house before our child started preschool. That, we thought, would give us plenty of time to get settled and remodel while adjusting to suburban life.”



With that in mind, Nicole and Suburban Jungle San Francisco Strategist Pamela Goldman set to work, strategizing and refining every step of the way.


“I’d been struggling for months to do my own research,” Nicole says. “Speaking with someone who understood my concerns and could provide me with organized data on cities—exactly what Pamela did—made everything much more manageable.”


Based on Nicole’s priorities—not just A+ schools but, also, safety, walkability and outdoor activities, all in a dog-friendly town—Pamela got to work.


“We were able to refine Nicole’s list very quickly,” Pamela says, “focusing on those intangibles. I knew they wanted outdoorsy activities—and plenty of space for their dog and their baby. Together, we continued to talk about what mattered most, what they liked and didn’t like and pivoted as they explored towns and reacted to those towns.”

The couple was also deeply invested in the suburban search process, Pamela notes.


“Nicole and her husband took time to visit many places in person,” Pamela adds. “They spent hours touring the North Bay and East Bay, just the two of them. Ultimately, they fell in love with an amazing city they hadn’t considered before our conversations…Piedmont!”


Inventory in Piedmont, Pamela adds, is very small and that can make competition for homes incredibly fierce. “There’s such little inventory,” Pamela explains. “People love it here and there’s minimal turnover. But our agent was able to find them an off-market listing.”


In June 2019, Nicole, her husband and their now-two-year-old officially made the move to Piedmont—and she reports the community truly checks all of their boxes and then some. “I’ve recommended Suburban Jungle to many friends,” Nicole says. “The service was invaluable to me, and we absolutely love our new home.”


Now starting to really settle in, the family is completely taken not just by the neighborhood, including neighbors who keep popping by with food. Also refreshing? How low-stress life is in suburbia.



“I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying around navigating a city with a young child every day,” she says. “I am so much happier and relaxed. I still miss San Francisco, but not as much as I expected.”



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