Suburban Jungle Featured in Women Love Tech

Apr 22, 2021

Suburban Jungle Founder and President Alison Bernstein on creating a culture of happiness and balance…


Too often, says Suburban Jungle Founder and President Alison Bernstein, talented women drop out of the workforce once kids enter the picture. But her business model, she tellsWomen Love Tech,aims to overcome common challenges and create a win-win.


“What we have done to support our team of moms is to encourage them to work hard, but on their own schedules,” she explains in a recent article 11 Companies Creating Amazing Workplaces for Their Employees. “This allows Suburban Jungle to tap into the workforce of great talent, and empower our team to truly succeed on their terms. What we get out of it is enhanced, productivity, overall happiness — and a greater work product.”


This, she says, has been a powerful approach for the organization, as it gives Alison and her leadership team a chance to recruit from an extensive talent pool that, often, goes untouched.


“This is a unique concept that truly makes Suburban Jungle special. From taking internal calls from the car to having email and SJ user-friendly interfaces all available on your hand-held… mom can finally do it all!”





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